Andrés Calamaro in Lima, like salmon in water: This is how the concert of the Argentine rockstar was lived [CRÓNICA]

How difficult it must be, for an artist like Andrés Calamaro, to choose the repertoire for a concert. With more than 40 years of experience, which includes more than 15 studio albums, two groups that marked Hispanic rock (Los Abuelos de la Nada and Los Rodríguez) and frenetic periods of composition, how do you select the ideal fruits to feed a public that not only loves the Calamaro of yesterday, but also the one of today?

On the night of October 15, the Argentine singer tried to answer questions of this type. Dressed in black, with his typical dark glasses (a hallmark of his Bobdylanian style), that’s how he came out to give himself away during his performance in Lima, the last of the four that he dedicated to our country. Days before he had been in Arequipa, Cusco and Trujillo, where he managed to sell out tickets, and last Saturday he almost did it at the Arena Peru.

Among the crowd, there was no lack of those who walked around with shirts of the Argentine team, compatriots of the singer or those who contravened the darkness of the night decided to wear sunglasses in tribute to the artist. Also, that the music of Andres Calamaro has played on Peruvian radio for decades was reflected in the different generations that made up its audience, from twentysomethings to fortysomethings educated sentimentally with its love and forgiveness lyrics.

Without opening acts, only with a DJ who warmed up with a list of songs that seemed the set list Radio Oxígeno (sponsor of this concert), squid He went on stage around 9:20 pm “Bohemio”, that song that he recently reverted with Julio Iglesias, was the one chosen to open his concert. And as if he were a soccer star, the public received him between repeated “olé, olé, olé, Andrés” and applause.

Andrés Calamaro, between football and bullfighting

The squid more contemporary continued with “When you are not” and “Verdades afiladas”, both songs awarded with their respective Latin Grammy and with the favor of the attendees, who sang them as if they were other of their 90’s classics. “Without documents” rang out loud later, and although at 61 the singer tried to hit all his notes, the support of his backup singers and his followers helped him meet the vocal demands to which he can no longer submit.

Plugged into his most rock and roll facet, the interpreter was sent with other hits from his solo stage and Los Rodríguez such as “It burns me,” “Para not forgetting,” “So many times” and “Rehenes,” which later gave way to “Los airplanes” “Peru has other virtues besides the good food they serve and the sweetness of its people. Further south in Peru there is no one who understands bullfighting and salsa like Peru, “he said at the end of his topic, this declared fan of bullfights and the Peruvian bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey, to whom he praised later.

With “Maradona” and “Wait for me in heaven”, he rounded off squid another tribute to football and friendship, two of his greatest passions. And with “Tuyo siempre”, he paid tribute to the Argentine cumbia, so danced and celebrated in our country. He joined this triad of Argentinity with a more cosmopolitan theme like “Hong Kong”, which in its original version had the Madrid collaboration of C. Tangana, but which in concert is introduced with a very brief allusion to “Nowhere Man”.

And since his audience was eager to sing, Andres Calamaro he gave them “My illness”, “You can’t live on love” and “Channel 69”. “A thousand thanks, salmon from Peru,” she said before singing one of her most emblematic songs, “El salmon.” “I’ve always followed the same direction / The difficult one, the one used by salmon / I feel like I’ve reached total emptiness / From your hand I’m going to let go,” intoned the crowd, to which the singer gave another very famous song: “Flaca”. “Thank you very much skinny, skinny and skinny,” said the artist in an inclusive plan before sitting down at the organ.

Emboldened by the applause of his audience, Calamaro took off his jacket to wind up one of his rockiest singles: “Alta dirty.” But when he finished, he bundled up again and slowed down with “Paloma.” “Don’t worry, Paloma / There are no more birds in the nest / Two illusions will fly away…”, he chanted accompanied by the voices of his followers, to whom he blew kisses and, in a show of great affection, He knelt on the stage until he kissed him like someone who thanks a homeland that feels like their own.

“Perfect Crimes” was the theme that the popular “Salmón” chose to threaten his farewell. But at the request of one more, he returned for the final goodbye of the night with “The Boys”, a heartfelt commemoration of those who passed through the singer’s life and are no longer here, such as Maradona, Gustavo Cerati, Pil Trafa, Luis Spinetta, Charlie Watts, among others. Received the Peruvian flag, placed the chullo on the head, Andres Calamaro He thanked his fans and made bullfighter gestures with his sack. His passage through Peru had culminated.


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Andrés Calamaro in Lima, like salmon in water: This is how the concert of the Argentine rockstar was lived [CRÓNICA]

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