An Incredible Cosplay Shows Ghost Rider As Marvel’s Scariest Character

Discover this awesome Ghost Rider cosplay that brings the character to life.

Although he is not one of the main characters in the stories of Marvel, Ghost Rider It has a staunch legion of fans. Ghost Rider is one of the characters more interesting of the Marvel Universe and has starred in some of the most dark and sinister from the publisher.

Discover this impressive Ghost Rider cosplay that brings the character to real life

The Ghost Rider Legacy has been worn by different characters throughout history and the first of them all Johnny Blaze. Later the role of Ghost Rider was taken over by Danny Ketch and in 2013 Robert Reyes It was the last in a movement within the initiative Marvel NOW!.

An Incredible Cosplay Shows Ghost Rider As Marvel's Scariest Character

The infernal character also made his way into live action projects. Nicolas Cage played the role of Johnny Blaze in the movie 2007, Ghost Rider and the 2012 sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. On the other hand, gabriel moon interprets Robert Reyes in the tv series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.located within the continuity of the UCM.

While is true that Ghost Rider is an immensely powerful superhero who has vowed to defend the innocent and punish the guilty, it’s still absolutely terrifying to behold and more than an antihero he seems like a villain. Now, a cosplayer has shown how terrifying he can look by taking out Ghost Rider from the pages of the comics bringing it into full reality.

An Incredible Cosplay Shows Ghost Rider As Marvel's Scariest Character

Johnny Blazealso know as Ghost Rideris the first Spirit of Vengeance featured in Marvel Comics sporting the iconic aesthetic of the Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze became Ghost Rider after make a deal with Mephisto. this appearance would redefine the character from that very moment. The original Ghost Rider, carter sladewas much more like a cowboy disguised as a ghost giving himself the name of Ghost Riderbut that appearance was quickly abandoned in favor of the most brutal design by Johnny Blaze.

Since then, all Ghost Riderincluding Danny Ketch and Robbie Reyes, would have similar looks to Johnny, but in the minds of some fans, apparently including this cosplayer, no one can beat the original.


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In a post by Reddit of two images of the user and cosplayer named violettverse which features the editing of one of those images with credits to bryancoxphotographythe cosplayer is shown embodying the Spirit of Vengeance in a truly amazing way. The cosplayer completes with a skull on fire very similar to the version in the comics and a leather outfit that is very realistic.

In the first image, this version of Ghost Rider apparently it has been straight out of the comics and brought to the real world, as he is shown sitting on his bike in a space of the real life. However, in the following photo of the publication of Redditthe cosplayer apparently brings out some of the destructive power of Ghost Rider along with his iconic look as they are engulfed in flames that cycle hell around him.

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Ghostrider is also in Fortnite

The only aspect of Ghost Rider that this cosplayer captured perfectly, apart from the general aesthetics, it was the energy of a supernatural and almighty presence in this world that few have come to achieve. It is not so much the appearance of Ghost Rider what scares him, but the power of destruction What could it do in our world?

Although it is true that the character could change the course of his destiny and use his powers for good, he was still manipulating hellfire and using the abilities given to him by a being who is the embodiment of total evil. Furthermore, if Ghost Rider changed sides, there would really be no one who could stop him, and that thought alone is beyond terrifying. the character of Ghost Rider he’s already scary on his own and has the power to confirm it, something that’s perfectly clear in this cosplay from Ghost Rider absolutely impressive that can generate the greatest fear of all.

An Incredible Cosplay Shows Ghost Rider As Marvel's Scariest Character

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An Incredible Cosplay Shows Ghost Rider As Marvel’s Scariest Character

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