“Always so poorly dressed”: Evaluna was criticized for her new style during a concert

The couple made up of Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner are one of the most mediatic in the world of entertainment, and since their firstborn Indigo was born, the interest of their followers in their private lives is even greater.

The young couple has been characterized by having a relationship based on love and respect, so much so that Many have criticized its “excessive” way to show what they feel for each other. Although they spend most of their time together, they both have different projects. However, several netizens have questioned the mutual participation in many of their concerts, since they usually accompany each other in their presentations.

For a few months, the Colombian artist has been performing the musical tour From inside to outside Tour, where his newborn son and his wife accompany him to different cities in the country.

your presentations They have been characterized by their great successes and, in addition, by their fun and particular way of dressing. The interpreters of For the first time they enjoy not following the rules, with their different thematic styles.

Evaluna, biker style

Camilo recently invited Evaluna to a concert in Madrid, Spain. On stage, the Venezuelan singer captivated her with her new “look” inspired by a motorcycle style. In the pictures she can be seen with a leather jacket, black top, shorts denim and boots boober black, which have been a trend on their platform throughout this year, although they were popularized in the 90’s thanks to Gery Halliwell.

“THANK YOU @camilo for inviting me to experience this with you. THANK YOU Madrid for a dream day close to you. I love you”, were the words of the young woman, who thanked the support of her fans and her husband’s invitation to the presentation.

Immediately, the video generated reactions from the followers about his particular way of dressing: “What a horrible woman to dress”, “as always, so poorly dressed”, “nothing to see that look”, “I do not like how it looks”.

Why don’t Camilo and Evaluna show Indigo on social networks?

Although they prefer to reveal their body, the couple told the reason why they do not do it with their son’s face. Only close people have been able to observe the face of the baby who was born on April 6.

However, recently, the Colombian told joy come, of Aztec TVthat he and his wife Evaluna want her to make the decision to show herself on social networks, and for this reason they are waiting for that moment.

Indigo hasn’t told us anything yet, so we’re waiting for when she feels like it. Until now we are respecting her autonomy, who takes away that she does not want to go out so much to be seen. We are respecting her place, ”said the singer.

For her part, Camilo’s mother-in-law and Evaluna’s mother, Marlene Rodríguez, added in a statement for the magazine Hello that his daughter and son-in-law feel that It is better that, for now, the baby does not appear on social networks. However, he stated that it is very likely that many followers and fans of the couple will be able to meet the baby earlier than planned, since Indigo will be on tour with her parents.

Previously, Camilo and Evaluna had shared images in which the baby was seen from behind or showing some part of her body. But the most recent was the grandfather, the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, who posted a photo on his Instagram account sharing time with Indigo.

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“Always so poorly dressed”: Evaluna was criticized for her new style during a concert

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