Álvaro Soler: “Sebastián Yatra and I were going to ask Ed Sheeran for a collaboration but he went with J Balvin”

Alvaro Soler has just released his new collaboration with topic, one of the many that in the last year he has published with different artists before whom he has opened wide. Because he is trying out different sounds outside of his most pop proposal. With the DJ he has released Just for you, his first electronic song in Spanish as he himself confesses.

And all despite the fact that he did not have them all with him, although in the end the result made him feel very proud. Sometimes things go as expected and other times not so much. That’s how he told us during an interview to talk about this topic and that the conversation ended up leading to a possible featuring with Sebastián Yatra and Ed Sheeran that was about to be forged at LOS40 Music Awards 2021.

In the end it was J Balvin who took the Latin touch with which the British wanted to try but in music everything takes many turns. And if you don’t believe us, he keeps reading…

LOS40: How did the collaboration with Topic come about?

Álvaro Soler: I knew Topic for everything he had done in music and my manager told me that Topic was in town and if I wanted to offer him a collaboration. I had wanted to collaborate with him for a long time and he had already worked with my brother so everything was very smooth. We got into the studio one day with our teams, because due to his schedule he couldn’t spend more time. It was an honor and luck. We had some guitar chords and he started doing his magic in the studio on the computer. I kept working on the melody and the lyrics and we recorded something that we were completing when I was in Miami. Especially the voices. We exchanged the material and that’s how Solo para ti was born.

Did you go with any preconceived ideas?

No, I was like a blank sheet of paper. Normally I always have a couple of ideas saved in case it happens that there is no feeling that day but in this case I was open to any idea. I wanted to see how the atmosphere was and it was a very good idea to do it that way. We came up with ideas there that we wouldn’t otherwise have come up with. It was a good experiment. I had never done an electronic song in Spanish before.

I think we all have associated the concepts of electronic music with a voice in English, and a female voice if you push me…

Sure. It would have been weird to do it in English because I don’t usually sing in English. Both me and Topic wanted to do it in Spanish because he has already done many songs in English. If he hadn’t done it with other people in that language.

How have you felt in electronic music?

In the first moment it is always like when the pool is cold water that is not at your temperature but little by little you adapt and see where it goes. That’s the beauty. At first I was hesitant to see how the song would end but now I’m very proud of it. In the end, a song is a song and it is written the same for a pop song as for an electronic one. What changes perhaps is the production, how you dress the song. But if a song works because you can defend it with a guitar, the song is good.

And do you see yourself in the genre as John Newman or was it just the pleasure of experimenting?

I don’t think I’ll switch to electronic music because I like organic music and Spanish guitars too much. For a moment, yes, but I like too much to try and not stick with one thing alone. When I was in Miami I wrote a lot of cool songs and I went with an evolution perspective and see what I could do. The next phase is going to be really cool. I am experimenting and I am very excited to be able to teach it soon.

You are trying out in different genres, is it a vindication so that you don’t get pigeonholed?

The important thing is to make music that you feel. There are times when I like to feel different things because otherwise it’s all very boring. I loved Against the Current, the song with David, which was a very special moment for me. I can say the same about the song in Italian with Baby K or Manila with Ray Dalton that is rocking it right now in Germany. The way music is right now in which many songs are lost on the records, it seems to me that the way of releasing songs is very nice to experiment and try songs that may not fit your style. I usually take it to my field and it carries my voice so I’m not afraid to try.

You told us that you have been recording in Miami. Do you already have that new album prepared even though the 3 years that usually pass between each of your albums have not yet passed?

Until now it has always been like this but now I am not going to concentrate on one album but on releasing several songs because I do not want there to be songs that are lost within an album. I want to give each song more attention and by putting them out as singles everyone wins because you have more opportunities to give them that attention. Maybe an EP, I don’t know… We’re at a good moment in music where everyone is constantly releasing songs and nobody knows what’s going to hit it next.

Maybe the next thing that hits is a collaboration with Sebastián Yatra… What a photo! Is there something going on?

It was the photo only. It is true that we wanted to have proposed a collaboration to Ed Sheeran but it could not be. He left with J Balvin (laughs). Let’s see what happens in the future because we are very much in contact. Right now Sebastián Yatra is doing very well and I am very excited that he is doing so well.

And very soon you also get going with the concerts…

You don’t know how excited I am. From the Magic album I have only played 3 songs because we haven’t had opportunities. It’s called the Magic Tour, although in reality we are almost in another phase, but we will start in Europe to finish in Spain in October. We have some first concert soon and in October the rest of the tour. I have a lot of desire.

We saw you traveling through Cuba, are you going to record a new video shot in Cuba?

Not quite. It will be a documentary of Cuban music. As I had been there several times I went with a friend and it is going to be very cool. We met amazing people from Buenavista Social Club and we have had great musical moments. It’s going to be very nice. We wrote a song there but let’s see what happens…

And in your facet of doubler when will we see you?

Now I have a meeting with Disney to keep in touch because the truth is that it was a very cool experience that I always wanted to do. I dubbed the Italian and German versions and I remember a lot an anecdote that an Italian teacher had to try to improve the pure Italian accent because they wanted it that way and he told me to say sentences that sounded exactly the same as how I had already pronounced them. It was a complicated job but a lot of fun so yes, I hope to be able to repeat it soon.

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Álvaro Soler: “Sebastián Yatra and I were going to ask Ed Sheeran for a collaboration but he went with J Balvin”

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