Aitana, C. Tangana or Rosalía? Influencers crown the most influential artist of the year

How many followers do you have: thousands, millions or tens of millions? What kind of content do you share on your social networks? In which social network do you feel more comfortable to share your day to day? Influencers have been gaining a foothold in the digital world over the years and they have become a profile highly sought after by brands.

Last Wednesday, October 5, the Italian Embassy hosted the gala Forbes Best Influencers 2022 Presented by Inés Hernand. Great faces from the digital world and the fashion industry have gathered there, such as Dulceida, María Pombo, Laura Escanes, Xuso Jones, Tomás Páramo, Marta Díaz, Rocío Osorno and Pelayo Díaz among others.

Demonstrating that They not only dominate the world of networkswe wanted to know which artist would they proclaim as the musical influencer of the year. And they certainly have!

Aitana, the undoubted star

Since leaving the Operación Triunfo Academy, Aitana has not stopped chaining one success with another. This has made him proclaim himself, according to our celebrities, as the musical influencer par excellence.

The first who has not hesitated to crown it has been Xuso Jones. The creator of humorous content has shown that, besides liking it a lotis up to date and that your theme Again “he loves it”.

Xuso Jones at the Best Influencers 2022 gala / Getty / Borja B. Sheets

has also been Dulceidaawarded as the Best Influencer 2022who has not thought about it and has stayed with the former triumph: “In the end, he does both things a little. He leads the public with his music and influences them with his songs,” he said, confessing that his favorite song is You are going to stay

The winner of Big Brother 16, Sofia Suescunalso has opted for Aitana as the influencer of the year: “She is a girl who exposes very well everything on social networks and her evolution as a singer. I like to follow her and I like her”, she affirmed.

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Sofia Suescun at the Forbes Best Influencer 2022 gala / Getty/Raul Terrell

Finally, the apollo planet tiktoker She has also confessed what she likes Aitana: “She is very social, she lets herself be seen in her daily life and she knows how to show how she is”, she said, making it clear that she also he is very passionate about his music.

C. Tangana, one more influencer

Another singer who triumphed on the red carpet even without being present was C. Tangana. And the thing is, who hasn’t sung about his success with Nathy Peluso, Atheistor any other hit from his album The Madrilenian?

For example, for one of the winners of the night, Mary Pombo, C. Tangana deserves to be the influencer of the year: “I think it’s super groundbreaking, always has something to offer and puts a really cool spin on the music.” he was also her sister Marta’s fiancé, Luis Zamalloawho opted for this artist: “I was at his concert, and it’s not at the level of how he sings, but at the show level, I took my hat off,” he confessed.

1665210044 193 Aitana C Tangana or Rosalia Influencers crown the most influential

María Pombo at the Forbes Best Influencer 2022 gala / Getty/Raul Terrell

Finally, Laura Matamoros, did not hesitate and also stayed with C. Tangana as the influencer of the year, although recognized that his musical style is more sugarcane.

Rosalía, queen with her album Motomami

Since we met her with her album The Bad Want His record has been changing a lot. But, without a doubt, this year with his tour mommy has managed to revolutionize the public and get seven nominations at the LOS40 Music Awards. Some of them to Best Tour, Best Artist and Best Live Artist.

This has led him to sneak into the favorites of Maria Garcia de Jaime and Tomas Paramo. The couple showed her fanaticism and, while she made it clear that she loves it, but that she likes her first album better, Tomás confessed that his favorite song is Buleriafrom his latest release.

Nathy Peluso, Bad Gyal, Justin Bieber or Alejandro Sanz

As the saying goes… to taste the colors. And so our stars have shown us on the red carpet with their musical preferences.

She has been the presenter of the awards, Agnes Hernandwho has not hesitated to get wet and admit that for her Nathy Peluso would be the influencer of the year: “She is a very multidisciplinary artist, she has shown that she is worth a lot and has a message incorporated into her speech”.

On the other hand, the content creator Luc Loren has bet on bad gyal for making “a generational change, making all the girls dress like her and bringing music from outside”, she said, confessing that It has even influenced many artists.

Martha Lozano have preferred to vote for Justin Bieber as influencer of the year: “He has had a transition from his bad time, to his coolest time now,” he said, admitting that he is more of a fan of Justin now, “and more so since he is with Hailey.”

1665210044 274 Aitana C Tangana or Rosalia Influencers crown the most influential

Marta Lozano at the Forbes Best Influencer 2022 gala / Getty / Borja B. Sheets

Finally, the eldest of the Pombos, Luciawith her newlywed Alvaro Lopez de Huertathey preferred to stay with artists who have marked several generations: Alejandro Sanz or Rosario Flores.

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Aitana, C. Tangana or Rosalía? Influencers crown the most influential artist of the year

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