After educational concerts at El Impenetrable, the community orchestra of Cruce Viejo was visited by the deputy governor

Community Orchestra of the Old Crossing.

Deputy Governor Analia Rach Quiroga together with Provincial Deputy Hugo Sager visited the Community Orchestra of the Civil Association “Cruce Joven” of Puerto Tirol, who led the project of “educational concerts” in Misión Nueva Pompeya and nearby places.

The series of didactic concerts aimed at children, adolescents from educational institutions and communities in general, are part of the “Tonfweshu Tositek – Community Music” Project that seeks to promote intercultural encounters through sessions in which music is shared. and characteristics of the instruments that make up an orchestra.

The conference took place at UEP No. 52 “Cacique Francisco Supaz” of Paraje Pozo del Sapo; school No. 1047 in Paraje El Araujo; school No. 714 of Paraje Nueva Población; EES No. 137 of Paraje Pozo del Toba, EES No. 97 of Misión Nueva Pompeya and, in addition, they accompanied the celebrations of the new anniversary of the town.

In each of these opportunities, the communities were able to access the specifications on the symphonic instruments and native instruments, and fundamentally make direct contact with them to learn in detail their sonority.

The co-coordinator of the orchestra María Lila Bina indicated that the activities arise after having been winners of the First Prize of the Argentine Contest for Good Community Practices “Orchestrating Citizenship” of the System of Children and Youth Orchestras of Argentina, and to complete its start-up they received the accompaniment of the provincial government through the deputy governor Rach Quiroga.

“These have been very intense days, very moving and a lot of learning for us. We have learned a lot during our days at Misión Nueva Pompeya and we are going to add all of that to our repertoires, that is why we say that we will be, as an orchestra, an amplifier of our culture”, indicated one of the orchestra coordinators

Melisa Skarp, singer and cellist, also commented on her experience as part of the orchestra. “Those were very moving days. We understood that instruments are a very important means of communication and this led us to consider the role and responsibility that we have through music. And, in another instance, rethink what we do from now on to continue adding this type of actions and projects”, she highlighted.

It should be noted that, to complement the initiative, bilingual material on orchestral training was published to be distributed in the different educational institutions and an audiovisual production on the experience for recording and subsequent dissemination.

Bring more experiences to El Impenetrable communities

For her part, Lieutenant Governor Analía Rach Quiroga thanked the members for giving this territorial project full of meaning and community commitment. She also highlighted the importance of the accompaniment of the provincial State through the Undersecretary of Transportation to guarantee the transfer of the members of the Civil Association Cruce Joven to El Impenetrable.

“The implementation of these projects allows us to bring different experiences to the Impenetrable communities that, without a doubt, will strengthen our culture, because they are days for the exchange of expressions that make up our identity. It is the first time that an orchestra visits the north to develop teaching-learning activities together with our children and youth, that is why we wanted to thank them and support this initiative”, highlighted the lieutenant governor.

Cruce Viejo Community Orchestra

The Cruce Viejo community orchestra is a project carried out since 2008 by the Cruce Joven Civil Association (rural area of ​​Puerto Tirol, Chaco). It arises from the continuity of activities carried out in the community of Cruce Viejo since the crisis of the years 2000/2001, by this recognized organization.

The initial objectives of the project are the inclusion of children, youth and adults in rural areas. Try it through musical training as a possibility for those who wish to travel the professional path of music or enjoy instrumental practice for personal fulfillment and community sharing.

This also raises the articulation with other related experiences and the relationship of the rural area with nearby urban areas.

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After educational concerts at El Impenetrable, the community orchestra of Cruce Viejo was visited by the deputy governor

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