Adele’s New ‘Oh My God’ Video: Here’s What The Song Means

In recent years, Adele she transformed herself as a woman and a singer. After her divorce and fighting anxiety, the singer takes control of her again with her musical comeback on album 30from which the simple oh my godwhose video premiered today.

After a long wait, the British returned to the fray with her powerful voice to talk about some of your fears, such as going back out and exposing your heart to resume your life. “Adele’s struggles to get over a divorce, even after feeling ready to date again, are very relatable. But in ‘Oh my God’ she makes everything seem so empowering”, reads a note from The List.

In an interview with fashionthe 33-year-old interpreter confessed her intentions to be a cardiac surgeon to fix other people’s heartssomething he did through his songs, which have also served as a personal outlet. Feminine power is the protagonist of this songsomething he has defined as confidence and courage to make decisions without being influenced by anyone.

The melody behind this song is a bit far from the ballads to which we are accustomed because it is not afraid to create a rhythm with light touches of genres such as blues or rock and roll.

Symbolism in Adele’s video

An conductive thread is tracing the new video of the singer that, a few minutes after its release, has more than 380 thousand views on YouTube. The proposal directed by Sam Brown has some meanings in elements that were specially placed for this reason in the production presented in black and white.

One of them is the use of chairs, which has become a representative object of the singer in other videos like Easy On Me either Rolling in the Deep, one of his first big hits. In the first scene of oh my god reappears and on it, an apple is placed.

The apple and the snake

Both components have been related to different meanings throughout history.. While the red apple can be considered a forbidden fruit Since biblical times, it has also been attributed the emotional significance of temptation, love or wisdom. In its conjunction with the serpent, it can drift towards the sin, power, strength, health and even the blame. At the end of the production, Adele takes a bite of the apple.


In different shots of this video, Adele shows the image of a horse that has a leash attached to its saddle. The spiritual meaning that has been given to the horse, in this case black, has been linked to strength, power, wisdom and motivation.

Your Doppelgänger

The lyrics of the single talk about the difficulties of a person to move forward with another relationship after a breakup. Adele has stated this double stance between the fear of moving forward and the possibility of opening up to a new love. In the short film, she represents herself through her own image that is opposed as if it were a mirror or as if it were a dilemma between two decisions.

The dance

The theatricality and the artistic was an important part of the video and special attention was paid to the choreography of the dancers thanks to the work of Megan Lawson, who has also been in charge of supervising Madonna. The narration of the dance also tells a story, as there is a transition that ends in a more contemporary style with a kind of rave, with several people moving at the same time.

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Adele’s New ‘Oh My God’ Video: Here’s What The Song Means

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