Adele: These are the best hits of the British singer

Adele is considered one of the artists currently most successful counting on sales of $120 million between albums and singles. She has also been awarded with different recognitions winning around 134 prizes in total, including 15 Grammy Awards, 12 Brit Awards, 1 Golden Globe and 1 Oscar Award.

His fame reached an international level in 2011 when he released his second album twenty-one which included hits likeor Rolling in the DeepNevertheless, the singer has a wide musical repertoireincluding their latest album 30.

We tell you what they are the best songs of the singer and some fun facts that you possibly did not know about these songs.

Someone Like You (2011)

This romantic piano ballad is one of the singer’s most iconic songs. Included in your album twenty-onethis song is inspired by a past relationship of Adele, in the lyrics she sings about the end of said relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who is now married, and yet she mentions that the relationship is not over for her.

easy on me (2021)

The first single from his latest album 30 ysGoing the return of the singer after 6 years without releasing music, easy on me is a heartbreaking ballad that reflects the great change that Adele’s life has undergone in recent years, being the collapse of her marriage to Simon Konecki, with whom she is the father of a child, the main axis of the narrative.

When We Were Young (2015)

This song belongs to his third album 25, quickly became one of his best hits and the ballad narrates a meeting between older people. Adele described the song as portraying the feeling “seeing everyone you ever had a fight with, everyone you ever loved, everyone you never loved” gathered together reminiscing about their youth.

Set Fire to the Rain (2011)

Another of the singer’s best-selling songs belongs to her album 21. This song tells a story of heartbreak and expresses how the pain of a heart broken by a deception and a betrayal of a pure feeling like loving feels. someone else with such madness.

Chasing Pavements (2008)

This song belongs to the debut album of the singer, 19. Curiously, this album at the time did not have the same success as the others, but this single recently became famous thanks to the platform. TikTok where multiple users use the song for different videos. The song was inspired by an incident that Adele had with an ex-boyfriend.

Rumor Has It (2011)

Another song that became popular again thanks to TikTok by the number of users who used this song for different trends. Adele revealed that the song was not inspired by the media as many believed at the time, but rather was directed at her friends who believed the things they heard from her.

sky fall (2012)

The song he gave to Adele his first Oscar, belongs to the soundtrack of the movie 007: Operation Skyfall. It went down in history as the first winning composition ever created for a James Bond film.

oh my god (2021)

This theme belongs to his latest album 30, the lyrics of the single talk about the difficulties of a person to get ahead with another relationship after a breakup. Adele has expressed this double position between the fear of moving forward and the possibility of opening up to a new love.

Hello (2015)

This song is considered one of the most personal for the artist because according to Adele, the song is not about any individual, or particularly the lost love that inspired her previous album, twenty-one. “If she was still writing about him, that would be terrible,” Adele confessed to Rolling Stone. “Hello is about regrouping and reconnecting with myself”.

Rolling in the Deep (2011)

The song that launched her to fame in 2011 could not be missing. The song tells the story of a woman in love with her boyfriend. Her love for him is so great that she does not allow him to see reality and she thinks that she can trust her partner. It’s actually about Adele and her ex-boyfriend Alex Sturrock, who had a relationship for a year and lived together. However, they ended because Sturrock no longer felt comfortable with the singer, so hours later she broke up, she wrote that song.


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Adele: These are the best hits of the British singer

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