Adele, the ’30’ promo… Can I Get It Right Now?

disgust between Adele’s fans because ’30’ has fallen out of the top 50 for the first time on the Billboard 200. This is not the longevity we knew from the singer’s albums, used to spending months, if not several years, at the top of the charts. The album survives in the British, Australian, French, Spanish top 40, it even hovers around the top 12 in Norway… but it’s true that this week it has also dropped to number 62 in Germany and number 70 in Italy.

To make it clear from the start, anyone envisioning anything resembling a flop or flop on Adele’s fourth album is that they don’t understand the difficulty of mobilizing 5 million people to buy a record in 2022. To consider anything resembling a “flop” the best-selling album of 2021 is to live in inopia. The only problem is generated by expectations. No one expected a repeat of 30 million copies of ’21’ or 20 million copies of ’25’, but what about trying to hit 10 with ’30’?

From the first time we heard ’30’, we recognized that Adele was running away from commerciality on this album. With several songs over 6 minutes long, tears like voice notes, songs that seem like intros and interludes… Quite curious, but several music journalists commented on that listen that the album was very good -and it is Adele’s highest rated album in Metacritic-, but also that Adkins was going to sell less now that he was at Sony.

‘Easy On Me’ has been an indisputable success. A world number 1 who holds the record for the highest number of streams in one day above Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’. Approaching 1 billion streams on Spotify and still going strong in some territories. So strong that it has overshadowed the release of the other singles. Launches that have failed for different reasons.

‘I Drink Wine’, presented at the Brits with Adele sitting on a piano, for 5 long minutes, did not leave the impact of ‘Someone Like You’. At some point it was said that it was an official single and that a video had even been shot. After such a lukewarm reception, it is unknown if the mission has been aborted. It would be a serious mistake if the promo for ’30’ were resumed via ‘I Drink Wine’ right now.

‘Oh My God’ hasn’t been a total failure, nor has it been a decided success. Number 2 in the United Kingdom and number 5 in the United States rather around the launch of the album, it has had a correct acceptance. Mysteriously, his video, with excellent photography, did not excite much, but it did sustain the album for a few weeks, but its effect has logically ended 3 months later. Today, no Adele single appears on the Radio 2 weekly playlist (BBC).

Personally my favorite songs from ’30’ are ‘Love Is A Game’, ‘Strangers by Nature’ and ‘My Little Love’, but I don’t recognize any of them as a next single. Nor in the public favorite, ‘To Be Loved’. Adele would have to make a very concrete video for ‘My Little Love’ or ‘To Be Loved’ – a very torn and tearful one – to make them work.

The clear choice is ‘Can I Get It’, a different song in Adele’s repertoire, which reminds us why she once took it upon herself to sing a tribute to George Michael at the Grammys. Ella’s former label XL de ella managed to turn ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ into a kind of summer song -as far as it goes-, placing it over 800 million streams. That should be the goal for a song as overtly pop and fresh as ‘Can I Get It’. Another option would be the Jamaican ‘Cry Your Heart Out’, although it hasn’t been so well received so far, so it would need a twist. Maybe a featuring?

The question is whether there is any kind of machinery going, and whether we want it. Adele’s current headache is, surely, not how to sell 7 million copies instead of 6, but what to do with the tour in Las Vegas that she had to cancel due to covid-19, due to production problems and according to some sources not very reliable, partner. The latest rumors suggest that he is planning to do his residency elsewhere. Her concerts in London this summer continue, which in turn conditions the dates of the shows that were scheduled in Las Vegas. With theaters booked for months or even years to come due to pandemic delays, no one knows what will happen to Adele’s new live show.

On the other hand, I think nobody wants to see Adele play her cards desperately like an Ed Sheeran of life. Sheeran’s latest album, ‘Equals’, has yet to reach 3 million copies globally, that is, it has sold half as much as Adele’s. Edward Christopher hasn’t stopped working, adding Taylor Swift to a song on the album, ‘The Joker and The Queen’, releasing (horrible) parallel singles with J Balvin, collaborating with Camila Cabello… Very rare is the fortnight when he doesn’t leave us a new macro release to sneak into Today’s Top Hits. Does anyone want Adele to throw around instead of ending this era in a dignified way? But wouldn’t it be a worthy way to promote at least one more topic in a big way?

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Adele, the ’30’ promo… Can I Get It Right Now?

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