Adele showed an engagement ring, assured that it will disappear for a while and declared: “I want to have a baby next year”

After the controversial suspension of his shows in Las Vegas, Adele He made a glorious comeback days ago when he publicly reappeared for the awards that highlight the best of UK music: the Brit Awards. In the installment, Adkins swept the best album categories for 30, best song for “Easy On Me” and best artist of the year; In addition, she shined interpreting one of the most acclaimed songs from her fourth album, “I Drink Wine”.

As she had already advanced in a post on Instagram, the singer also appeared on Graham Norton’s show, where she clarified why she decided to suspend the Las Vegas residency, Weekends with Adele, and made two confessions linked to his private life: hinted that she is engaged to her boyfriend Rich Paul and expanded on her desire to be a mother next year. “The residency in Las Vegas will definitely be done this year because I want to have a child next year”, he counted, surprising the host and the rest of the guests.

Adele, multi-awarded at the Brit AwardsTOLGA AKMEN – AFP

In addition, The artist joked with Norton about the ring she has been wearing for several weeks. Although many thought that this one had been chosen only for the red carpet of the Brit Awards, the days passed and Adele continued to use it. The driver noticed it and asked him about it. “I don’t know if I would say if I’m engaged or not,” Adele said with a laugh. “As a casual observer, I can tell you that it appears that yes, you are,” Norton retorted. “OK that’s fine!”, said the singer while the cameras showed a close-up of the ring that the NBA manager would have given her.

Regarding residence, not only confirmed that it will take place in 2022 but also decided to delve into the reason that led her to suspend it a day before the start, which angered her fans. “Now we are working a lot, but I don’t want to announce dates until I know that everything will definitely be ready. The sooner I can announce it, the better, but I can’t do it in case we’re not ready on time,” he explained, and He added that he did not want to give a modest show but according to the style of the residences that take place in the city.

On the other hand, Adele shared that she will go back to doing what she usually does: after giving the shows to promote her album, she will disappear for a while. “I definitely will. but I’m trying to make a conscious effort to stop being so rational about my privacy, but I’m also trying not to have two completely different versions of myself, it’s tiring to turn on and off. They may see me, but from time to time, I would like to recharge and have more children, “confirmed Angelo’s mother, the result of her marriage to her ex, Simon Konecki.

Weeks ago, the singer announced in an Instagram post that she was going to perform at the Brit Awards. In addition, she denied being in crisis with Rich Paul, at the end of her post with the phrase “Rich sends you his love.”

The publication was accompanied by a photo of a smiling Adele, which was the trigger for her fans to express themselves vehemently. “When are you going to reschedule the shows in Las Vegas?”, “We need our money”, “Why can’t you make an announcement about Las Vegas?”, “You go to a show where they are going to reward you but you cannot go to one for your fans”, were just some of the hundreds of claims that the British star received.

Adele, Rich Paul and a romantic date they had in Los Angeles, where the singer currently lives with her son
Adele, Rich Paul and a romantic date they had in Los Angeles, where the singer currently lives with her sonGrosby Group – REX Features/Shutterstock/The G

The anger arose because Adele postponed the shows and did not cancel them, and that means that those who bought their tickets will have to wait for the rescheduling of the residence. Until the singer announces the new dates, the money will not be returned. Due to the change of plans, will be Keith Urban who every weekend in March and April replaces Adelewhich calls into question that the interpreter reschedule her shows in the short term.

Adele announced with a video the suspension of her shows in Las Vegas

Although close friends of the singer assured that she was in conflict with her boyfriend for what she did not devote herself fully to the preparation of her shows, it also transpired that the star “had a panic attack” and starred in “an explosive discussion” with Esmeralda Devlin, the production designer for her concerts.

“Even though it cost millions to put the set together, Adele was not happy with the result and he made it very clear to Esmeralda”, said a source close to the team. “She was already nervous, and the fight made her panic, because I was desperate for everything to be perfect.”

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Adele showed an engagement ring, assured that it will disappear for a while and declared: “I want to have a baby next year”

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