Adele Rocks Stunning Looks in ‘Oh My God’ Video

In case you still have doubts that Adele has started a new era, his most recent video clip for the song oh my godIt was the proof you needed. The superstar turned to one of her favorite aesthetics: black and white.

However, this video directed by Sam Brown, has nothing to do with what we have seen previously. To promote the third single from the album 30, the singer Adele left the styling in the hands of Jamie Mizrahi. As the camera pans across the screen and dancers dance around her, she transforms into a trio of outfits that reflect her current mood.

Adele’s video for oh my god


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As expected, the first outfit is subtle. In the first few seconds of the video, the darkness fades, to reveal Adele dressed in a see-through blouse with a bow at the neck by designer Harris Reed covered in polka dots. Wearing it with a black corset and empire waist skirt, the look is close to styles we’ve seen the star wear in the past year while she’s been away from the limelight.

With her hair parted in the center and slicked back, the final look could have looked very classic, but Mizrahi took things up a notch by adding jewelry from Reed’s collaboration with the Missoma label. Gold and pearl earrings and matching rings added a touch of sparkle. Her heavenly look gives way to the next outfit.

It is a custom piece by Louis Vuitton that we can just see at the beginning of the second verse and that is very much in keeping with the spirit of the song. It is a brocade dress with a chaplet white created by Nicolas Ghesquière and that gives us all the necessary drama, especially seeing Adele singing in front of a halo of neon light.

The drama goes even further with black leather opera gloves and cross-style earrings. chandelier. As Adele never skimps on beauty issueslegendary hairstylist Sam McKnight created a very retro chignon, while makeup artist Anthony Nguyen (unabashedly) added that famous black liquid eyeliner that characterizes the look of the english singer

Although undoubtedly the piece de resistance of the entire video was a Haute Couture dress by Vivienne Westwood that the grand finale that this piece deserved. And there is no way to go wrong when wearing one of Westwood’s corset tops.

Adele looked spectacular in a red satin dress with a silk and tulle bolero. It should be noted that these striking colors could only be appreciated on Instagram, since it was there that Mizrahi published photos behind the camera, although the impact of his outfit still delighted us in the black and white shots of the video.

Especially in that part of the video where we appreciate all her grandeur in the Westwood dress, her damp curls and diamond-studded Cartier necklace.

There is no better way to start the year than with this video clip full of fashion and the incredible voice of Adele.

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Adele Rocks Stunning Looks in ‘Oh My God’ Video

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