Adele reinvents herself with ’30′, her fourth studio album

After a long wait, today we finally have the new album of Adele: ’30′. It is said that he is singer’s most intimate album British, because it was made in the middle of one of the most complicated processes in his life.

The separation from her husband influenced her a lot, yes, but also the vision of his little Angelo around this whole process, from which he assures he was able to get ahead. The expectations of her fans and her world were very high in general, since nothing was known about the singer since ’25′ and ‘Hello’.

What songs did we already know from ’30?

The first single that the artist revealed was ‘Esay on Me‘, which by the way premiered with everything and video on October 14. In it he somehow reflects the process of his separation from the executive Simon Koneckiewith whom the relationship lasted eight years and is also the father of his son, Angelo.

A week ago he presented a second song that will also be part of ’30′: ‘hold-on‘, which shows hope and enthusiasm for their separation process (although it can also be applied in any other situation); In fact, one of Amazon’s promotional videos appears for the holidays, which reflect emotion.

And two days ago, the singer shared a video on her social networks in which she appears sitting in the living room singing her third revelation from the album: a song titled ‘to be loved‘. In the background you can hear a piano that accompanies the melodious voice of the artist born in the United Kingdom.

Adele reinvents herself with ’30′

Many might think that Adele’s new album would be a compilation of heartbreaking melodies, ideal for ‘cutting your wrists with animal crackers’. However, to the surprise of many, on his fourth studio album the singer reinvents herselfand although some songs seem heartbreak, it is not everything in his new production.

’30′ consists of 12 songs that might look like a roller coaster of emotions Anxiety, acceptance, love, anger, depression and overcoming are some of what we can see in this new facet of the singer, where in addition experiment with R&B, Motown and Afrobeat sounds.

Not everything is about love relationships; some songs of ’30′ were a way of expressing answers to questions that his son had about the separation of his parents, which is often not so easy to process for a nine-year-old boy, as he told fashion. Some can even be raised from the vision of little Angelo.

The first song on the album is ‘Strangers by Nature‘, which manages to transport the listener to a few decades ago, where the organ and the piano played an important role in the melodies. The melodious voice of the cante shows us her vision of separation from a higher point of consciousness.

my little love‘ is a letter to her son, where she expresses that she only wants what is best for him, and that she is sorry for everything she has experienced because of ‘her fault’ (referring to her divorce). In this song, she has the special participation of Angelo, who also expresses his confusion for everything he experienced in the long process of separation from his parents through some recordings.

Despite its faster tempo and choruses that could be mistaken for upbeat tones, ‘Cry Your Heart Out‘ might be the darkest song on the album. In it, depression is present through how you feel; however, she says that “When in doubt, go at your own pace”.

oh my god‘ talks a little more about how he seeks to reintroduce himself into social life, from which he isolated himself for a time. And within this process of ‘getting back to normal’ comes ‘Can I Get It‘, with which he talks about the process of ‘loving again and feeling again’ with another person.

On the other hand, ‘I Drink Wine‘ talks about the process of accepting “that you’re a disaster. Sometimes knowing that you are a disaster, once you realize it, everything is easier, ”he detailed for Apple Music according to CNN. In some paragraphs, you can hear “So I hope I learn to get more of myself / Stop trying to be someone else”.

woman like me‘ feels like a letter to her ex-husband, questioning his not doing his part to save the relationship and instead causing her to lose herself trying to make him see that it could work. Anger is present, and somehow also disappointment.

“Resist, resist, resist / Just let time be patient / Because you’re still strong, I’m still strong (You will survive)” is one of the verses that we can hear in ‘hold-on‘, where the process of acceptance and healing is more evident; it feels like a talk with herself, where she is ‘cheering’ and asks to be more patient, because everything good will come back.

The disc ends with ‘Love Is a Game‘ , which could be interpreted as a declaration of love to her current partner, Rich Paul, because in it she says: “I can love, I can love again / I love myself now, as I love him / I’m a fool for that / You know that I, you know I will”, implying that he wants to fall back into the ‘game of love’.

Without a doubt, Adele showed us a more intimate facet of her life, her thoughts and, above all, what a separation process means; not everything is lack of love and not everything is pain, because when you start to get out of that hole in which you are apparently sunk you realize that it was not the end, and that there will always be someone to accompany you in the process, but above all, you will be able to Keep in mind that the pillar of your stability is self-love.

’30′ is currently available on all music streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music), as well as on the YouTube page.

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Adele reinvents herself with ’30′, her fourth studio album

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