Adèle Haenel wants to move away from cinema: “It’s a reactionary and racist industry”

The actress recently dropped Bruno Dumont’s new film for this reason.

Since Portait of the girl on fire, and her famous rant at the Césars 2020 where she left the room in protest at the price received by Roman Polanski, Adèle Haenel is very discreet at the cinema. A role in heroes never diepresented last year at Critics’ Week in Cannes, and that’s it.

It’s not about to get better if we are to believe the recent remarks of the actress, who declared in several interviews granted to foreign media that she was going to continue to move away from the world of cinema. With the German magazine FAQ, Adèle Haenel thus declares to define herself as a theater actress in remarks translated by the Sensible Lesbian site : “Now I only work for the theater, I don’t make movies anymore“.

The film industry is absolutely reactionary, racist and patriarchal“, she continues. “By leaving this sector definitively, I want to take part in another world, in another cinema (…) Of course, I worked in the film industry and I tried to change things. For example, the perspective of women in films. I tried to change things from within. When it comes to the MeToo movement, women’s issues or racism, the film industry is extremely problematic. I don’t want to be part of it anymore.”

Adèle Haenel thus tells the German magazine that she has abandoned the next Bruno Dumont, The Empirewhere she was to share the bill with Virginie Efira, Lily-Rose Depp and Fabrice Luchini:

Director Bruno Dumont offered me a role in a science fiction film. At first, I thought it looked like a lot of fun: a kind of Luke Skywalker in space. The problem is that behind this funny facade, it was a dark, sexist and racist world that was defended. The script was full of jokes about cancel culture and sexual violence. I tried to discuss it with Dumont, because I thought a dialogue was possible. I wanted to believe for the umpteenth time that it was not intentional. But it’s intentional. This disregard is deliberate. Just as they make fun of the victims, of people in a situation of weakness. The intention was to make a sci-fi film with an all-white cast – and therefore a racist narrative. I didn’t want to support this, so I canceled my participation.”

In another interview with the Italian newspaper Il Manifestothe committed actress specifies however that she will continue to play in small films where, as in the theater, the economic stakes, and therefore of power, are different.

I will no longer work with established directors, but only with new artists who are starting out. The only one I could work with is Céline Sciamma because our relationship goes beyond work, but it will have to be in another economic system.”.

Adèle Haenel is on the poster for the play the pondby Gisèle Vienne, currently on tour.

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Adèle Haenel wants to move away from cinema: “It’s a reactionary and racist industry”

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