Adam Sandler has the whole room in stitches with advice to parents during graduation speech

Adam Sandler had graduates and their families in stitches with a hilarious commencement address – giving brutally honest advice to parents. Watch the speech here:

Sandler was at Radio City Music Hall speaking to graduate students at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

While others might choose to take the opportunity to inspire the next generation with words of wisdom, Sandler decided to amuse the audience in his typically brash style – warning parents they might struggle again to “make love alone” because their children’s choice to pursue a career in the arts may mean that they live at home for a while.

Sharing images of the speech on Twitter, user @motelsiren wrote, “Nbd I just watch my grad sister while Adam Sandler calls out Martin Scorsese during his commencement speech at NYU Tisch. »

Sandler joked, “Parents, listen to me. You really screwed up. You may be supporting these children for a very long time – they won’t be leaving the nest anytime soon!

“It’s a tough business they’ve chosen, but there’s still time to talk them out of it…I’m trying to talk my kids out of showbiz and they know fucking Adam Sandler!” »

Credit: Twitter/@motelsiren

Sandler giggled throughout his speech, sometimes finding it hard to keep going as he laughed along with the audience.

He then spoke directly to the parents of the graduates once again, advising them that their child’s career choice could have a huge impact on their sex life.

The actor continued, “Moms and dads, if you ever want to have sex alone in your house again, I have two tips for you. Number one: pass your child’s photo to Mr. Martin Scorsese before this event is over – he’ll love it, I promise. »

Credit: Twitter/@motelsiren
Credit: Twitter/@motelsiren

The camera then panned to the esteemed director – who received his Master of Arts from NYU in 1968 and is a member of the Dean’s Council at the Tisch School of the Arts – as he laughed in the audience.

Sandler added: “He’ll probably take the back exit from here, so make sure you get there before he does – and don’t take no for an answer… That’s how Leo’s mum did it.” »

The video cut out before we could hear the second tip, but no doubt it was just as chaotic.

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Adam Sandler has the whole room in stitches with advice to parents during graduation speech

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