Absolutely Royal (Netflix): Where have you seen the actors before?

Lovers of romantic films, you will be served with Absolutely regal! a romance that will make you melt. Directed by Rick Jacobson, this feature film shot in New Zealand features an atypical duo, composed by Izzy and Prince Thomas. With a fiery temper, the young woman runs her hair salon with an iron fist, while Prince Thomas is about to get married. A marriage of convenience rather than love. When Izzy and her colleagues have the opportunity to show off their talents at the royal wedding, it’s love at first sight between her and the prince. This new romantic comedy, broadcast on netflix since Thursday January 20, is worn by Laura Marano, Mena Massoud, Cameron Rhodes and Chelsea Preston Crayford. Actors that you must have seen in the cinema or on television!

Laura Marano, a Disney Channel star

Born in Los Angeles, Laura Marano is the daughter of a university professor and an ex-actress. The young woman also has an older sister Vanessa, also an actress (Switched at Birth). Laura Marano began his career at the age of five. Although she began in small theatrical productions, she then chained small roles on television, in particular in Ghost Whisperer and FBI: Missing. In 2011, she joined the Disney team playing in Austin & Ally with Ross Lynch. After five seasons, the series ended, allowing the actress to star in the film lady bird by Greta Gerwig. In 2019, we found her in the lead role in The Perfect Datea romantic comedy broadcast on Netflix. In parallel with her acting career, she also started singing. In 2015, she signed with the Big Machine Records label, which led her to release her very first single boom box the next year. Three years later, she is now an independent artist who had unveiled her piece Me. As part of the film’s soundtrack The Perfect Date on Netflix, she had recorded the song A Little Closer. In December 2021, she released the single dance with you with the Gray duo. A piece that is part of the soundtrack of his new romantic comedy on Netflix, Absolutely regal!

Mena Massoud, the new prince of Disney

This is not the first time that Mena Massoud has played a prince. In 2019, the Canadian actor interpreted Aladdin, the main character of the Disney film. For his performance alongside Naomi Scott, he received three nominations, one at the Teen Choice Awards and two others at the National Film & TV Awards. Before this role, Mena Massoud had started her career in the series Nikita and combat medics. He then continued with roles in open-heart, Cut to the Chase and Jack Ryan on Prime Video. From now on, it is with the poster of the romance absolutely regalbroadcast on Netflix, before finding it in the cinema in an Egyptian film Fe Ez El-Dohr. A true admirer of these films, he had mentioned how his Egyptian heritage had inspired him as an actor. “I grew up watching Egyptian comedy movies with great Egyptian comedians like Ismail Yassine and Adel Emam. The way they entertain the audience not just with their words, but with their body language and facial expressions is totally different than the actors here. I’ve done a lot of comedic roles in American productions“, he had declared in the BBC.

Two New Zealand actors in the casting

Alongside these two Disney stars, we can count on the presence of Chelsie Preston Crayford. This New Zealand actress appeared in many commercials before acting Eagle vs. Shark in 2007. His first steps in the cinema allowed him to continue in the series The Cult and The code. She found in the film her colleague Cameron Rhodes, a renowned actor in the world of theater. As well as starring in 95 shows in Australia and New Zealand, the latter has also starred in movies Housebound, Mr Pip and more recently in the series The New Legends of the Monkey King on Netflix.

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Absolutely Royal (Netflix): Where have you seen the actors before?

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