A series of 2023 for each sign of the zodiac

    The growing interest in astrology, a pseudoscience that advocates that the position of celestial bodies in the universe affects Earth, is here to stay. So believer or not, we’re sure you know the zodiac sign characteristicsthe dates that include each sign of the horoscope and even how the panorama would remain if Ophiuchus come into play So you just need to know which series you will like the most, according to the constellation that represents you. If you look at it carefully, we are doing you a favor by taking away minutes and minutes of thinking about what to see when you sit in front of the screen.

    To narrow down the selection and make it new content for you, we have fixed on the most anticipated planned releases of 2023. That is to say, those series that will see the light throughout the year and that, therefore, it is impossible for you to have seen yet. Also, as in the firmament, we have taken into account all platforms: the Netflix releasesthose of HBO Maxthose of Amazon Prime Video, those of Disney + and those of ATRESplayer. get comfortable, find your zodiac sign —we even recommend that you also pay attention to your rising sign and you moon sign from your Astral chart– and to enjoy!

    2023 Series for Aries: ‘The Sex Life of College Girls’, Season 3

    HBO Max

    HBO Max renewed for a third season this comedy that follows four girls as they enter the university of Essex. It is fresh, very funny and it will give you a lot of ideas to organize plans with your friends. It will arrive throughout 2023.

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    2023 series for Taurus: ‘The Las Cumbres boarding school’, season 3

    images of this year's top series


    The ‘reboot’ of the two-thousander fiction will broadcast one more installment on Amazon Prime Video before closing the doors of the center forever. As a good Taurus, you will love the right dose of mystery and fear in equal parts, where the protagonists will put all their efforts into solving what happens under the roof of the boarding school. It will return in 2023.

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    2023 series for Geminis: ‘I never’ season 4

    I never


    We don’t know for sure, but Devi, the protagonist of this Netflix series played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, sure is a Gemini. She manages mood swings and flight behaviors with a smile that ends up melting anyone (she has done it with the two high school hotties. The season 4 of ‘I Never’ It will be the last and will arrive throughout 2023.

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    2023 Series for Cancer: ‘The Bridgertons’, Season 3

    penelope in a scene from the bridgertons


    We would not be wrong in saying that the television adaptation of the Julia Quinn’s books about the love stories of a London regency family is the most Cancer series we’ve seen in a long time. Everything is sensitivity, emotion and drama. Made for you. Here’s everything we know about the season 3 of ‘The Bridgertons’which will arrive this 2023.

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    2023 series for Leo: ‘Queen Charlotte’


    Getty Images

    The aspiration of any Leo is to become the center of attention, just what the protagonist of this got. ‘The Bridgertons’ spin-off. It will see the light sooner than later on Netflix, and you will also know the story of the queen that appears in the original series.

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    2023 Series for Virgo: ‘You’, Season 4

    joe scene in a car


    Jon Goldberg, another protagonist whose zodiac sign we can guess! And it is that if something defines the Virgo it is that they are analytical, observant, critical… and very gossipy. They are probably the least surprised by how maniacal the role of Pen Badgley is. The first part of the season 4 of ‘You’ It will arrive on Netflix on February 9.

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    2023 Series for Libra: ‘Young Royals’ Season 3

    young royals

    Johan Paulin

    For the most romantic sign of the horoscope, one of the most beautiful series we’ve seen in recent times. Wille and Simon will fight their final battle for love in a last seasonwhich will arrive throughout this year, probably towards the end of 2023.

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    2023 series for Scorpio: ‘The Idol’

    the idol


    One of the most anticipated HBO Max releases for this year is the production of The Weeknd. The singer, along with Lily-Rose Depp, will star in this series that will narrate the harshness of the music industry in Los Angeles in a very intense way. Look, like you, Scorpio! At the command of ‘The idol’ there is also Sam Levy, creator of ‘euphoria’.

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    2023 Series for Sagittarius: ‘And Just Like That’, Season 2

    carrie bradshaw miranda hobbes and just like that

    Getty Images

    Being inspired by Carrie’s positive energy in the second season of the return of ‘Sex and the City’ will be all you need for a wonderful evening in front of the television. The three friends will return to HBO Max throughout 2023. In autumn they were already filming of the new chapters…

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    2023 series for Capricorn: ‘The Last of us’

    last of us


    Face it: you can’t resist a good high-budget fiction packed with adventure and action. You’re in luck, because HBO Max premieres on January 15 the television adaptation of the video game with the same name, starring Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie).

    2023 Series for Aquarius: ‘Foxes’

    new series of atresplayer


    Based on Naomí Casquet’s novel of the same name, this ATRESplayer series will arrive in 2023 like a breath of fresh air: just what you are, Aquarius. Also, you’ll love it because the three friends who will star in it will discover their sexuality in the most liberal way possible.

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    2023 series for Pisces: ‘The Mandalorian’, season 3

    series sequence


    To you, Pisces, who are always in the clouds and like to walk through the recesses of your imagination, I have no better recommendation than season 3 of ‘El Madaloriano’. It’s coming to Disney+ on March 1, with more adventures, new settings, spaceships, and lots of Baby Yoda.

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A series of 2023 for each sign of the zodiac

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