9 releases to listen to this week: Rosalía, Marilina Bertoldi, Julieta Venegas, Sara Hebe with Ana Tijoux and more

Last week left musical premieres for all tastes. Since the return of Ca7riel Y loving paco up to the disks Rosalia, Marilina Bertoldi Y UFOs, we heard news that immediately bewitched us. The singles from Julieta Venegas, Francesca Valenzuela; collaborations between Sarah Hebe with Anne Tijouxand of Pahua with TheRaulis; the Lou Reed tribute EP from Perrosky: all that in this review.

Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso – “Pay God”

The explosive duo returned to the ring with “God pay”, single that inaugurates the second season of the project together. After releasing separate albums over the past year, Ca7riel Y loving paco joined forces in a song produced by Nikel that advances a repertoire made in the meantime between the disk (2021) and Arrow (2021), two works that were part of our list with the 50 best albums of 2021. Directed by Juanita, the summer-tinged video has the special participation of Adriana Aguirre and Silvia Panal.

More on “Paga Dios” in this note.

Francisca Valenzuela – “Hello impostor”

The Chilean singer continues to prepare the ground for the release of her new album, this time with a preview that addresses mental health as a theme. “’hello impostor‘ is a song about impostor syndrome. I wrote it because sometimes I get frustrated and tired of hearing that voice inside of me that tells me ‘you’re not good enough, you’re a fraud, you don’t deserve anything!’ and that feeds on my insecurities and doubts,” he said. Francesca Valenzuela about the release. “I wanted to yell at him, ‘Shut up already!’ to that voice… To that feeling that one is an impostor”. The single came out alongside a theatrical video made by Pierre Dogard.

Julieta Venegas – “Same love”

Julieta Venegas presented a preview of the expected successor to something happens (2015), his next album produced by Álex Anwandter. “Hand in hand with him, I have seen how the songs have grown until they have become what we have. He has worked with heart, seriousness, emotion and all of that is beautiful”, revealed the Mexican singer-songwriter about “Same love” through a statement. “I’m telling you because finding accomplices in life is so important, and what I know he’s putting together with this album has been a stage full of learning and love.” The video that accompanied the launch was directed by the sisters Anita and Lola Piñero.

Marilina Bertoldi – prudish

The wait is over: Marilina Bertoldi released the long-awaited successor to light a fire (2018). Made up of eleven songs, prudish displays a wide variety of colors and nuances that range from rock to funk, passing through jazz and ballads, without losing the power that characterizes the proposal of the santafesina. Published by Pelo Music, Marilina’s fourth album includes the special participation of Javiera Mena in “Amuleto”, in addition to the previews “Cosa mía” and “La cena”, the latter with María Riot as the protagonist of her video.

UFOs – alien or someone

After releasing the singles “(In) Puerto Madero”, “(By) Route 40”, “Alunista”, “Cry while we dance” and “Puerta de entrance”, UFOs He released his debut album titled alien or someone. Throughout thirteen songs, the quartet made up of Diego Valente, Alejandro Pacin, Pablo Moreno and Juan Pablo Pugni immerse us in a dark psychedelic odyssey where they fuse melancholic pop melodies with electronic drums, spatial synthesizers and powerful guitars.

Pahua and The Raulis – “Black Mamba”

black mamba” is the first cut of Unite everything!a five-song EP by the alliance Lighthouse that brings together different Brazilian artists who joined forces with musicians from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. The single in question is a collaboration between Pahua (solo project of Mexican singer, songwriter and DJ Paulina Sotomayor) and TheRaulis (Brazilian instrumental surf cumbia trio). “I really like how the guitars are the backbone of the song, which responds with very sweet and very clear transitions,” said Pahua about this track with pop overtones that is as sensual as it is psychedelic.

More about “Black Mamba” in this note.

Perrosky – Loumania

The Chilean duo honored Lou Reed with an EP of seven songs and in quartet format. Loumania includes reversals of some classics by the American musician and poet such as “Vicious” and “Hangin’ ‘Round”. Released by the Algorecords label, the work was recorded at the end of 2019, after being invited to pay tribute to the “father of alternative rock”. About this experiment, Alejandro Gómez commented: “The Velvet Underground has always been an influence for us, and Lou Reed has always caught my attention for being a very enigmatic character. His solo albums are super different, you never knew what he was going to come out with”.

Rosalia – mommy

Another that calmed the anxieties of his listeners was Rosaliaby sharing the complete repertoire of mommy. Produced by herself, the successor to The bad want (2018) features 16 songs, including the advances “Hentai”, “Chicken Teriyaki”, “Saoko” and “La Fame” (ft. The Weeknd). The third album of the Spanish had an intense creative process that lasted three years and, as explained in a statement, “the album has a binary structure, two types of opposite energy… Moto means ‘strong’ and is related to aggressiveness, while Mami refers to ‘fragility’… There is also a sense of humor and irony”.

Sara Hebe and Ana Tijoux – “Data Warehouse”

After captivating us with “Refix” and Mexico”, Sarah Hebe published the third and last advance of dirty star, his next album due out on April 8. On this occasion, the Argentine singer had the participation of Anne Tijoux and the usual production by Ramiro Jota. “Ana is a worldwide benchmark for Latin American rap, song and poetry. Personally, she has marked a path and an ethic for me when it comes to making music because we are moved by the struggles of peoples and social movements, ”explained Sara Hebe about this brand new collaboration. “That’s where her music is and I think mine is too, as well as playing in clubs, parties and all kinds of corners.”

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9 releases to listen to this week: Rosalía, Marilina Bertoldi, Julieta Venegas, Sara Hebe with Ana Tijoux and more

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