9 releases to listen to this week: Chita, Die Humans, Taichu with Tiago PZK and more

From cheetah until die humanslast week left premieres for all tastes. Cazzu, Cachin Selis Y Caliphate ¾ They released new singles that we can’t help but recommend. The same happens with collaborations between valdes Y Ca7riel and of Taichu with Tiago PZK. On your side, Heading Tomb decided to revert their first release and The Underwater Robot shared the live recording of some of his classics.

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Cachín Selis – “It was not a ransom, it was a sonnet”

The Tucuman artist presented his new song together with Pablo Diez and Juan Ibarlucía, who also acted as artistic producer. “It was not a ransom, it was a sonnet” reflects the warmth and introspection of Cachin Selis in “a search for his gold and his demons so that the former is not lost and to be able to extirpate the latter”. The single in question is the first of a musical triad centered on ancient poetic forms.

Caliphate ¾ – “Lô amantê de Çan Pablo”

The Andalusian group returns with a double-sided single that plunges us into an odyssey as lysergic as it is romantic. As revealed by the members of Caliphate ¾,”Lô amantê de Çan Pablo” is “a kind of sound opera of almost ten minutes that swings between the psychedelic trip, the deepest chill and the most fiery rave to narrate a love story against the grain”. In turn, “Compañerita mía” suggests a state of trance through an instrumental journey with the participation of Andrés de Jerez (who already collaborated with them on the password).

Cazzu – “Boss”

With a name that suits him perfectly, “Boss” bets on “reviving the genre at a time when it is being overshadowed by reggaeton”, as revealed by Cazzu through a statement. “Although the album contains several genres, the trap is presented in the first songs as a concept, also trying myself in the drill and the malianteo”, added the artist from Jujuy about the single that came out together with a video directed by Facundo Ballve from Anestesia Audiovisual . Cazzu’s fourth album, trap girl, It will be released on May 30.

Cheetah – “Dwele”

After venturing into a wide range of sonorities, cheetah returns to its roots inDwele”, preview of the new album that is working side by side with Benjamín López Barrios and Emme. From the title, the artist from Buenos Aires pays homage to Adwele Gardner, one of the pillars of neo soul, singing about heartbreak and enveloping us with the warmth that characterizes her proposal. The single came out together with a video directed by Lautaro Furiolo.

The Underwater Robot – Live at the Andreani Foundation

After returning to the ring after almost ten years, Nicolás Kramer continues to expand the universe of his artistic alter ego. Live at the Andreani Foundation It was recorded in the facilities of the La Boca neighborhood and offers a repertoire of seven songs included in the first three albums of the project. The Underwater Robot opens a door to the future: in 2022 it will edit different live materials with unreleased versions by the current quintet line-up.

Die Humans – “Beware”

Watch out” is the second advance of the fourth album by die humans, Regression, after releasing “Replacente” months ago. The frenetic and most recent single from the Argentine duo based in Berlin was boosted with an audiovisual piece that they performed together with Sofía Gala Castiglione, Dante and Diogenes. “Neither Sofi nor I had anything in mind, while she was rehearsing in the theater, we and Martín Borini brought lights, smoke and turned the house upside down in search of transforming it into a dream,” said Carmen Burgess about the filming process. “Sofi arrived with Dante, she put on her heels, her dress and they started playing. This is a small part of the result: punctuality, elegance and pure fun”.

Rumbo Tumba – “Huguaju”

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Facundo Salgado shared a unique rendition of “Huguaju”, the first composition that saw the light under the name of Heading Tomb. Unlike the original piece that opens the EP Andean Groove (2012), this solemn reinterpretation has the special participation of Horror/Cactus, the Argentine producer based in Seattle. On the occasion of celebrating its ten years of existence, the electroacoustic music project will go on a world tour and, in parallel, will premiere other reversals together with guest artists.

Taichu and Tiago PZK – “Fashion Diller”

Since they made their romance known on social networks, it was speculated in different ways that the departure of this long-awaited collaboration was an imminent matter. One listen is more than enough to affirm that “fashion diller” is not moderate. It is a song that bears the fingerprint of Taichu wherever it is analyzed, with a Tiago PZK who manages to adopt an aesthetic countenance away from the confines of his musical project. Produced by Molok0, Luigi Navarro and Evlay, “Fashion Diller” oscillates between trap, rap and hip hop to ironize about the consequences of fame.

Valdes and Ca7riel – “When everything turns off”

Two months after “Volver a casa”, the Cordovan duo shared the second and last preview of the successor to Postcard (2020). “when everything goes out” has the special participation of Ca7riel and reveals a more rock facet, without losing the dance imprint that identifies the proposal of valdes. “As Cato suits that dirtier, more electronic style very well and it’s very easy for him to sing over a rhythmic viola riff, he reprimanded himself and threw his bar. We sing the chorus at the same time. There were a lot of searches, which finally hit like a pineapple”, the brothers explained about this collaboration produced in Córdoba together with Bernardo Ferrón.

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9 releases to listen to this week: Chita, Die Humans, Taichu with Tiago PZK and more

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