9 releases to listen to this week: Babasónicos, Ca7riel with Paco Amoroso, Bajofondo with YSY A, and more

Pop, house and punk rock: all that and more in this selection of last week’s music premieres. Babasonics, valdes Y Sole & Jochu made us dance to their new singles, while Juku Ares, Nico Megias Y Chinese Bandalos they chose to immerse us in a dreamy atmosphere. On your side, Leo Garcia reversed one of Phlegm’s hymns, as well as Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso they doubled their collateral bet. The first collaboration between underworld and Ysy A complete this list of weekly releases.

Babasónicos – “Bye Bye”

For those who feared a separation from Babasonicsbye bye” is just the name of the new preview of his next album. “Make love to me until dawn and then bye bye, don’t follow me, I have important matters to attend to”, sings Adrián Dárgelos over a danceable pop sound that clearly demonstrates the group’s vitality. Along with the release, a video directed by David Maruchniak was released, with the creative direction of Juan Cabral, director of some Babasónicos clips such as “La Lanza”, “La QUEstación”, “La Izda de la Noche”, among others.

More about “Bye Bye” in this note.

Bajofondo and Ysy A – “Native sound of the river”

Another surprise of the week was the unexpected collaboration between underworld and Ysy A. “native river sound” brings together two musical projects that, despite distances, have a lot in common: both the 23-year-old rapper and the group led by Gustavo Santaolalla are recognized for capturing our cultural roots in various melodies. The video was directed by Elefante Diamante and reveals the mysticism of the song with images of natural force.

Bandalos Chinos – “The Final”

The Buenos Aires group continues revealing part of the universe of The Big Blue, his next studio album. “The final” is a song of heartbreak in the key of a ballad that uses soccer metaphors and analogies to make transparent the “melancholy tone typical of those who look back with affection but know that things are not enough”. Directed by Bruno Adamovsky and Miranda Johansen, the video that accompanied this new preview of the successor to pop paranoid (2020) literally reflects the emotional duality of “La final” by portraying Goyo Degano above and below the stage as performer and observer.

Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso – “In the after”

Days ago we announced the return of Ca7riel Y loving paco with “Paga Dios”, but a few days later the duo published the second chapter of Season II: “in the after”. Produced by Neekl, the single displays a warm sound that oscillates between funk and disco. The audiovisual piece was in charge of Kevin Zeta, who previously collaborated with the duo in the delirious clip of “Ola Mina XD”.

Juku Ares – “Time”

The ex-vocalist of Nidos shared the first advance of the successor of Our (2021). Powerful and adrenaline wherever you look at it, “Weather” is a western ode to the best Clint Eastwood style. “But it’s a western ‘ours’, which happens around the corner, full of haste and desire for something we don’t have: time,” he says in a press release about the single. The release was accompanied by a video directed by Sebastián Badino Lynch.

Leo Garcia – Leo Punk

Six years passed Music of the heartthe collaborative album between Leo Garcia and Litto Nebbia. Now, the versatile vocalist surprised his fans with a completely different job: Leo Punk evidences his chameleon spirit through thirteen songs that display sounds reminiscent of national punk rock under his very personal multicolor filter. Edited by Popartdiscos, Leo Punk includes a tribute to Ricky Espinosa, with a reversion of “Maybe”, the anthem of Flema that integrates the repertoire of If pleasure is a sin… welcome to hell (1997).

Nico Megias – “Near Far”

After closing 2021 with “Impossible?”, the Argentine artist based in Barcelona published the fourth song of his brief but captivating career. Independently edited,Near far” “proposes to escape from the current noise, letting the wind hit us in the face”, according to a statement. “Recorded in the middle of the field, between horses, Nico Megias let the wood sound in this story: a cry of liberation among trees”.

Sole and Jochu – “We understood late”

After “Namecusei” and “The Magician”, Sole and Jochu shared their third single: “we understood late”. With this song, the duo returns to the ring to caress our hearts with a melody as dazzling as it is scorching that creates a suggestive atmosphere through space pop guitars and a constant bass groove. The lyric video was in charge of Guillermo Vaccarezza (Vrødas) and invites you to enjoy the art of Cecilia Huberman.

Valdes – “Coming home”

Almost two years after their third album, Postcard (2020), the Cordovan duo is back with the first preview of its successor. “Back home” opens a new facet in the trajectory of valdes, a track that ventures into the roots of national rock, without diminishing the kinetic energy that defines the house pop with which they make us dance so much. The single was released through Geiser Discos and was accompanied by an exciting video directed by Miche.

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9 releases to listen to this week: Babasónicos, Ca7riel with Paco Amoroso, Bajofondo with YSY A, and more

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