9 Argentine releases to listen to this week: Ca7riel, Ysy A, La Lou, Knowing Russia and more

It was a very busy week for the national scene that left releases for all tastes. In the middle of spring, a barrage of albums surprised us in recent days: from those of Ca7riel, Ysy A, Knowing Russiaeven those of Manuela of the Houses, wrapped children, Mariana Michi Y The Lou. And if it was not enough, Facu Inigo Y Nico Megias They captivated us with new songs that you can listen to in the following list:

Ca7riel – the disk

Ca7riel left us speechless with his album called the disk and made in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist producer Tomy Sainz. “This is my most updated version. I love my previous works, but I was very cool and they were the best I could do at that time”, explains Ca7riel about the eclectic repertoire that includes the hits “Polvo” and “Chanel Maconha”.

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Knowing Russia – The direction

Knowing Russia put an end to the wait for his third album by publishing The direction. Released through PopArt Discos, produced by Nico Cotton and made up of nine songs, the successor to Council and Oath (2019) evidences the musical and lyrical maturity of the Buenos Aires singer-songwriter throughout thirty-six minutes. “The direction It is the path of each one. It is going forward, colliding, resuming, taking a swerve and finding the next destination in the depths of oneself,” Mateo Sujatovich said in a statement.

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Facu Iñigo – “Report”

The musician from Buenos Aires presented “Reporte”, the first advance from his second album, through the Indie Folks label. “’Report’ is nonchalance. It’s about the simple things that accompany us and make us enjoy, a song, read a book, travel. And that even if everything is bad, we try to have a better time, “he said. Facu Inigo it’s a statement. The single came out accompanied by an audiovisual piece made in Mar del Plata by Lisa María. the successor of Out (2020) has its release date scheduled for 2022.

The Lou- Plans for today

Made up of seven tracks, The Lou released his debut album titled Plans for today. From “Rara” to “La noche del sol”, the vocalist addresses issues related to love from different perspectives that distance themselves from romanticism. Ella “ella Musicizes different moods that, at least in my life, appear every week. The album was not designed from the need to pigeonhole it into a single genre, but was made based on what she needed for each song, ”the Cordovan artist revealed from a statement.

Manuela of the Houses – I will pull

Manuela of the Houses shared his second album, I will pull, through the Elephant in the Room stamp! Made up of eight songs that oscillate between experimental pop and Argentine folklore, the successor to Li (2017) runs through various soundscapes with dazzling tints that refer to figures of the stature of Elliott Smith, Thom Yorke and Broadcast. “Her search for her is both sonorous and conceptual, each step in her musical path is motivated by the interest of understanding us as humanity,” says a statement about the singer-songwriter.

Mariana Michi- son of champions

Who also dazzled with a new album was Mariana Michiafter having captivated his followers with the singles “New Age”, “Go to heaven” and “No feeling anything”. son of champions (2021) is made up of a dozen songs that reveal “a powerful gale of pop rebellion” and has the collaboration of Rocío Iturralde on “January”. About her most recent work, the vocalist commented: “It’s an album [en el] that I talk about my ideas of what a family means to me (and about mine), the community, my friends, among others.” the successor of the brave fell (2018) was produced by Mariana Michi during the 2020 quarantine.

Nico Megias – “Impossible?”

After the pandemic singles “Memory of a day” and “Danger”, Nico Megias shared a new single called “Impossible?”. A false opera in a sensitive pop key that immerses us in an atmosphere packed with keyboards, violins and film samples. “A necessary hole in the scene. Silence amid so much noise. Music that generates something, that touches the fiber, that challenges, that motivates”, the artist born in Argentina and based in Spain revealed in a statement.

Wrapped Children – the useless word

wrapped children He released his third studio album the useless word, with nine energetic songs. The opening “Los durmientes”, which at the same time was the only preview of the repertoire, has the special participation of the Asturian singer-songwriter Nacho Vegas. For half an hour, the Buenos Aires psychedelic orchestra demonstrates that album after album they take a step forward to continue rediscovering their peculiar language with psychedelic overtones.

Ysy A- real trap

One more time, Ysy A rocked the board of the urban scene with a new album. real trap, the fourth album by the star of the bars, is made up of eleven energetic and revealing songs in which he completely bare his soul and at the same time ratifies his place as one of the pillars of the national circuit. the successor of Handmade (2019) was made side by side with Sponsor Dios, and has luxury collaborations with the likes of El Doctor, Bhavi, Alemán, among others.

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9 Argentine releases to listen to this week: Ca7riel, Ysy A, La Lou, Knowing Russia and more

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