9 Argentine releases to listen to this week: Ca7riel, Telescopes, Femigangsta and more

Last week left several surprises to fill us with emotions: from the EPs of Malena Villa Y Juani Cardillo up to the disks Perez, Trucker Y Pandolfo Stickgoing through the featurings between Tiago PZK with ThunderY Femigangsta with Axel Fics. The singles from telescopes Y Ca7riel complete this versatile selection of novelties:

Ca7riel – “Chanel Maconha”

“Chanel Maconha” is the first advance of the first solo album of Ca7riel, the disk. A sensual R&B ballad that alludes to polyamory and free sexuality. The track was produced by Tomás Sainz and came out together with a video clip directed by Sepia. The musician from Buenos Aires does not allow himself to be pigeonholed into any genre and in each release his proposal finds the vanishing point with a substantial commitment to freshness and aesthetic innovation.

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Truck driver – Trucker’s Club

The rock duo from Béccar shared their new album, Trucker’s Club, through the Típica Records label. Across seven energetic songs, the successor to Trust in you alone (2019) evidences the solidity and sound exploration of the project integrated by Joan Manuel Pardo and Santiago Luis. The launch was preceded by the clip of “El español”, which was made by Yamil Graca Da Graca and Sarans Santiago (Sarans Creative Films).

Femigangsta and Axel Fiks – “South”

Femigangsta presented “Sur”, the first cut that will be part of a mixtape full of collaborations in R&B and neo-soul key. On this occasion who accompanies the artist is Axel Fics in a song that, as he explained through a statement, “sets the mood to uncork a wine, dim the lights, and surrender with pleasure to the paradox: the south has never been so hot.”

Juani Cardillo – Side effects

One year after Experiment, Juani Cardillo public Side effects, an EP with remixes of “Little hours of sleep”, “Experiment”, and “My constellation”. In addition, it includes a cover of “No da” by Miranda!: “From the moment I heard it, I was hooked by the melody and I identified a lot with the lyrics. It’s a situation I’ve ever been through, and the drama the band injects into it is unique. I am excited to have made this song, because I had the opportunity to enjoy every moment and it is definitely something I wanted to do for a long time, “he said. Juani Cardillo. Side effects It has the participation of Marina Izú, Charo Navarro and Max Tejera, as well as the collaboration of producers Juampi Malvasio (Electrocongo), SaboMusic and Fede Haro.

Malena Villa- not so good

The Argentine musician and actress brought together Angela Torres, Axel Fiks, Lara91k and Santiago Motorizado on her new EP entitled Not so good. Through five songs, Malena Villa He immerses us in a journey that crosses various genres, without losing the pop essence that characterizes his artistic proposal. The release was accompanied by an audiovisual piece directed by Gabriel Bosisio that fuses the melodic elegance of his new album with the emotional narrative of the cinematographic story.

More about not so good on this note.

Palo Pandolfo – servant

servant is the posthumous album of Pandolfo Stick with collaborations from renowned artists such as Fito Páez, Santiago Motorizado, Hilda Lizarazu, Sofía Viola and Mora Navarro. Two years after dragon flight, the Argentine musician becomes eternal in a powerful and exciting album that he had been working on during the months prior to his unfortunate death. “servant It is one more gift for Argentine music, a pampering that reaffirms the drive, authenticity and passion that marked his entire career”, reads an official statement.

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Perez – 2021

The La Plata band published 2021, his sixth album made up of five pandemic tracks recorded in his home studios during the strictest period of quarantine. For almost fourteen minutes, Perez finds a vertex of inflection in his work, experimenting with new sounds and aesthetic resolutions at the time of production, taking for granted that the essence of Pérez is defined by constant exploration.

Telescopes – “Everything from afar”

The Cordovan group premiered “Todo de far”, the first single from the triad of songs that it will publish until the end of the year. “The song talks about accepting distance as a key moment in a relationship. Although something ends, the perspective is focused on ‘where are we going now’, from this new thing that we are after this painful but finally healing process”, says an official statement about the most recent track of telescopes. The video that accompanied the launch was directed by Joaquín Ferrón and produced by Mar Michelotti.

Tiago PZK and Trueno – “We go out at night”

“Talent of the neighborhood” repeat in unison both referents of the national scene in a collaboration called “Salimo de noche”. With references to the places where they grew up, soccer players like Carlos Tévez and rappers like 2pac, Tiago PZK Y Thunder they make the board vibrate with an incendiary track that will not take long to become one of the hits of the year. The video directed by Facundo Ballve has the special participation of Andy Kusnetzoff and portrays the street adventures of the duo after having won awards.

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9 Argentine releases to listen to this week: Ca7riel, Telescopes, Femigangsta and more

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