8 songs to understand Adele’s personal life

Art is a clear reflection of the artist, very far from what his work contains, we will always find bits of the personal life of whoever makes any piece, be it painting, sculpture, architecture and especially when we talk about music, because a part of the soul of the authors is printed in such a way that it connects with many people to the very heart and although there are artists who try at all costs to be discreet, avoiding being very specific with the intimacy behind the art, there are others like Adele who are like a book open in the lyrics contained in her music, serving as a melodic autobiography that portrays a certain stage she went through when composing the most recent album of that era, giving us a glimpse of Adele’s personal life, her change, her ideology and her most intimate secrets, since most of the British artist’s songs are at least partially inspired by her most intimate experiences.

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One of Adele’s earliest works included on her debut album 19, whose anecdote stems from the fact that while working on this album, she found out that her boyfriend at the time was cheating on her, so she went to the tavern where he was and hit him , so the employees of this bar tried to get her out of the premises and while she was trying to flee she came up with the title, which she immediately decided to compose when she got home.

This song from her album released in 2021 titled 30 is very close to the singer, as she assures that “Hold On” saved her life, because after dealing with the enormous fame that would come so suddenly, added to dealing with her divorce, where Adele’s friends would support her by saying the phrase “just hold on” (just resist) and this song would be the last one she would write for the album, that said song would be like an epiphany to realize how far the artist has come to this point, helping her to reconnect with her music, even at the end of the 6-minute song, her friends can be heard singing the aforementioned phrase (“just hold on”), whom she invited to pay tribute to them instead of a choir professional.

Without a doubt, “Rolling in the Deep” is one of the songs that could put Adele on the map and it would be one of the singles that would place her 21st album as one of the best-selling in all history, surpassing albums in England like Thriller by Michael Jackson and “What’s the Story, Morning Glory” by Oasis. The theme is a farewell to her ex, telling him in a few words “get the hell out of my house” instead of begging him to stay, according to statements made by the artist for Spin magazine in 2011. The theme was written alongside Paul Epworth, who produced the hit album and would later co-write “Skyfall” for the James Bond film of the same name.

“The morning I started my first session with Paul Epworth, the night before I had broken up with my boyfriend, who the album is about, I was so upset, I was so angry…

This theme was written in protest to Adele’s mother, as she insisted that the singer leave South London to attend university, adding to this, at the age of 16 the composer would return home after a drunken night, when a man asked her if she needed help, to which she replied “Nah, it’s me hometown, love.” (Nah, it’s my town, sweetheart) and said phrase would end up within the first verse of this song.

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The most recent success of the Diva is a letter to her ex-husband Simon Konecki and her son Angelo, since 30, the album that would mark the return of Adele, is full of references to her personal life and in this track she assures that it was extremely young woman and all the sacrifice that putting them before herself meant.

Although it sounds like a breakup song, this Power Ballad is really about Adele becoming a grown woman, where she already has a very different view of relationships, reconnecting with her old friends and her fans after being away for so long.

Both “Turning Tables” and “Rumor Has It” were written in collaboration with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, who would create the piano intro and the first verse of “Turning Tables”, which upon hearing it, a surprised Adele revealed to her that it was exactly why. what was going on regarding the breakup with her boyfriend, so they decided to make the autobiographical song.

The song that would give him international fame is very, very close to Adele, because although the entire album 21 is inspired by the breakup with his ex, this song ensures that he would not easily recover from said breakup, in addition to revealing the terror of looking for him years later and finding him married to someone else, that in addition, the Diva has confessed that the fact of having written “Someone Like You” was extremely liberating and this is possibly the reason why she connected with so many people around the world.

In addition to this, Adele has revealed that she wrote the lyrics to this sad ballad at the foot of her bed while suffering from a cold.

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8 songs to understand Adele’s personal life

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