6 songs that Taylor Swift composed for other artists and you did not know

A few months ago Damon Albarn had the audacity to say that Taylor Swift did not compose his own songswhich showed that he has zero knowledge about the singer’s musical career and much less knew that she wrote singles for others artistswhich were very successful.

To avoid making the same mistake as the leader of Gorillaz, at Sonica.mx, we wanted to make a count of all the songs that have the seal of Tay Tay, but that are interpreted by others artists. Most belong to the country genre, however, there are also some that were very popular in the pop genre. It should be noted that, in some, he hid under a pseudonym.

Songs Taylor Swift Wrote That You Didn’t Know About

  • “Better Man” – Little Big Town

Currently, he appeared within the ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ as part of ‘From The Vault’. Before taking it back, the singer gave it to the rock band, little big town. The members of the group gave a clue about the original author: “a young woman from Nashville.” While they did not reveal the singer-songwriter’s name to avoid overshadowing “Better Man“, she performed it in some of her concerts.

  • “Best Days Of My Life” – Kellie Pickler

Along with country music singer-songwriter, Kellie Picklershared the authorship of “Best Days Of My Life”. On this occasion, Taylor Swift decided that he would not hide his name in the songs that he had written for others, so he made a very special appearance in the music video where he plays guitar and does the backing vocals for the powerful theme.

  • “Half Of My Heart” – John Mayer

the story between John Mayer and the singer was also involved in the song “Half Of My Heart”. According to different media, the musician performed a large part of the lyrics, however, the interpreter of “Wildest Dreams” contributed more than the choirs of the melody.

  • “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” – Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana It was an important series for the career of Miley Cyrus and it turns out that also for the facet as a composer of Taylor Swiftt. The singer-songwriter was responsible for the single “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home”, which is part of the soundtrack of the film of the fictional character.

  • “Two Is Better Than One” – Boys Like Girls

Inside the rock band ‘Love Drunk’ (2009) album Boys Like Girlsyou can find the song “Two Is Better Than One” where you can appreciate the sweet voice of the Nashville singer. In addition to singing backing vocals, she also wrote the song alongside the group’s frontman, Johnson Martin.

  • “This Is What You Came For” – Rihanna and Calvin Harris

It is one of the songs more successful than Taylor Swift wrote for others artists. Although the singer has claimed responsibility for it and performed it at her concerts, there are still clueless people who continue to rely on the credits of “This Is What You Came For” where his name does not appear as such, because he preferred to sign it with a pseudonym.

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6 songs that Taylor Swift composed for other artists and you did not know

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