6 New Facts About BTS’s Jungkook To Learn More About His Personality

BTS is having fun redoing the famous MBTI personality tests and this allows us to know a little more about them.

Even if we have the result, it’s always good to have specific facts that help us define someone’s personality.

We were treated to 6 new fun facts about Jungkook, helping us understand a little more about the personality of the maknae.

  1. Sharing food can make him jealous

The Golden Maknae loves to dine with friends, but if they break its basic rules, watch out! In MBTI Lab 2, BTS weighed in on the famous “Perilla Leaf Debate” and “Shrimp Debate.” While some members would be okay with their partner peeling off the perilla sheets for a friend (and vice versa), Jungkook was not.

“They’re peeling a perilla leaf, next thing you know they’re holding hands and falling in love!” And they end up getting married! —Jungkook

He felt the same way about shelling shrimp for someone else!

  1. He prefers to question himself in the face of a conflict

The members of BTS took two different approaches to dealing with an angry friend.

“My friend seems mad at me these days. What would I do? A: Organize my thoughts, whether it takes a week or a month. First think about why they are angry. B: Ask right away what the problem is; ‘Hey, are you mad at something I did?’ »—RM

Jungkook was firmly in Team A. “You can just be careful how you ask”did he declare. “I think I will continue to console them, so they can tell me what’s wrong. »

  1. He thinks of the well-being of the other above all

Question : ” I had a car accident. The first thing my friend says on the phone is, “Do you have insurance? » [A. Bouleversant B. Pas bouleversant] “Jungkook was the only member who chose A.

He believes checking on someone’s well-being should come first.

“You should first ask them if they are okay. Imagine you’re in the hospital bed, and they call you and say, “Do you have insurance?” vs. “How are you?” » » —Jungkook

Also, as he pointed out, his insurance status is his business, not his friend’s.

  1. He needs someone else to plan his trips for him

Some people are planners, some are not. When BTS chose their roles to go on a journey, it was clear that this task was not for Jungkook.

“I can never do it. I need someone else. I need someone to take me with them. » —Jungkook

  1. He advocates honesty above all

If he cooked a dish for a friend that didn’t taste good, he would want him to tell him instead of trying to protect his feelings by pretending otherwise.

“I would be more uncomfortable with [l’option A]. If I know my dish tasted bad, it would be weird if they kept eating it. It’s better because they are honest and say thank you at the end. » —Jungkook

  1. It is organized and neat

The majority of BTS members clean their room when they feel like it (B), but Jungkook prefers cleaning regularly (A). Suga pointed out that this actually goes against Jungkook’s personality as an MBTI “P” type.

“Suga: You’re only regular with this thing.

Jungkook: I’m totally B, but then I wouldn’t get anything clean, so I have to go with A.”

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6 New Facts About BTS’s Jungkook To Learn More About His Personality

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