5 things to do during your visit to Oaxaca: Concerts, museums and archaeological sites

Oaxaca de Juárez is the capital of the homonymous state and a city recognized as one of the main tourist destinations not only from Mexico, but from the whole world; she was recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 thanks to his historical legacy and colonyHe, which is palpable in his beautiful Historical Center.

The townmade up of several municipalities, has almost 800,000 inhabitants, almost a quarter of the population of the state, and it is the economic, touristic, commercial and financial of the entity. The headquarters of the three local powers are concentrated in it; the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and is home to dozens of tourist attractions such as museumschurches, archaeological sites and galleries.

Located 550 km by road from the Mexico City and communicated with the capital of the country and the rest of the world thanks to its International Airport, the city has everything to offer the visitor; from gastronomyhistorical sites, recognized art galleries, restaurants and archaeological zones that show the prehispanic pastcolonial and modern of the city. oaxaca was declared a city by the king Charles I of Spainwho by royal decree assigned it the title of “Very noble and loyal city” in 1532, was first known as Antequera and in 1821 it was replaced by that of Oaxaca.

5 things to do during your visit to Oaxaca

View of the Santo Domingo Cultural Center. PHOTO: Instagram

1) Tour of the Museums: Oaxaca has an extensive variety of museums worthy of being visited carefully, the Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center, the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IAGO), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca (MACO), the Textile Museum, the Museum of Painters, the House of the City, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center, the St. Augustine Center for the Artsthe Museum of Philately and the Ethnobotanical Garden of oaxacajust to mention a few.

Solitude Basilica. PHOTO: Instagram

2) Historical churches and temples: With its old neighborhoods and its Historic Center, oaxaca It has dozens of buildings considered historic and that stand out due to their architecture, their style and the historical legacy that they keep inside. Thus we can find its cathedral, the ex-convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmanthe Newspaper Library of the City, the Basilica of Solitudethe Church of Jalatlaco, de la Merced or San Felipe Apóstol, to mention just a few of the buildings that any visitor must know and go. This tour will be a close encounter with the history local and also national.

3) Art galleries and concerts: Oaxaca is the cradle of great artists internationally recognized plastics, such as Francis ToledoRodolfo Morales and Rufino Tamayo, to mention a few, and his artistic heritage is vast, reflected in the many galleries of art that exist in the city, as well as the countless workshops intended for artistic creation that are located in various parts of Oaxaca. At each step the visitor has a meeting next to him art and will not hesitate to enjoy and take advantage of every palpable expression in the magical corners of this city, which include venues for concertslike the historical Macedonian Alcalá Theater.

Archaeological Zone of Monte Albán. PHOTO: Instagram

4) Archaeological zones: The city of oaxaca It is surrounded by archaeological sites from pre-Hispanic times, the largest, and very close to the capital city, is the Archaeological Zone of Monte Alban, which also stands out for being the main condition and one of the most important in all of Mexico. The place it can even be seen from a distance from the center of the capital; it is located on top of a mountain, half an hour by car from that point. In addition to Monte Albán, near oaxaca others are found archaeological zoness, although smaller in size but of great historical importance, such as YagulLambityeco and Zaachila.

5) Food Tour: can not be abandoned oaxaca without first giving a tour of its various marketswhere the visitor can enjoy the best of local gastronomy and also taste cymbals typical of the city and of the different regions of the state. In addition to this journey, it is also recommended to visit one of the many restaurants in the city that offer delicious food within the reach of any pocket.


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5 things to do during your visit to Oaxaca: Concerts, museums and archaeological sites

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