36 years later, the sequel to Top Gun hits theaters – Tom Cruise on Top Gun: Maverick

36 years since the premiere of the military action movie top gundirected by Tony Scott and written by Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr., appears in theaters the long-awaited Top Gun: Maverickpremiered a couple of days ago at the Cannes Festival, where its essential protagonist, Tom Cruise, received a tribute with an honorary palm d’or included.

It’s been all that time, so now Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Cruise) is dedicated to being a flight instructor at a combat academy in California, but in the midst of an uncertain future, he embarks on a mission that confronts him with the ghosts of the past and will require much sacrifice from him.

This Tom Cruise has said about the making of this new installment:

More than three decades with the intention of making the second part.

one. “I had thought about a Top Gun sequel for all these years. People had been asking for a sequel for decades. What I told the studio from the beginning was that if we ever did it, it would be with a lot of entertainment. We’re going to film it all. I’m going to be there in that F/A-18. Spot. So we’re going to have to develop camera crews. There will be wind and engineering tunnels.”

What is Top Gun: Maverick about?

two. “This film is about family, friendship and sacrifice. It’s about redemption and the cost of mistakes.”

Return to history.

3. “When we started working on this [nueva] movie, we were working on the script and I looked at Jerry and I felt like a kid again, like I was in 1985, working with him. [En aquel entonces] wanted to learn all about being a producer and Don [Simpson, coproductor] and Jerry, at times when I asked to be involved, to be in those meetings, they were very generous with me and, as we all know, not everyone is like that. Top Gun was the next phase for me in my career. For both Jerry and myself, we’ve always wanted to make great stories and entertain the world. That was my purpose.”

How different is it from the original?

Four. “A Top Gun movie is not a Top Gun movie without Jerry Bruckheimer. And getting to produce a movie with Jerry, at this stage is special, because you can feel the inspiration of Tony Scott in this movie. It’s not an imitation of a Tony movie: this isn’t a Top Gun cover album, but it’s very much in the same world.”

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The romance of flying and returning to his character.

5. “Majesty and beauty is flying an airplane. It is both using and challenging nature. Playing Maverick again, at a different stage in my life, has been an incredible experience for me. Maverick is still Maverick. He still wants to fly a Mach 2 with his hair on fire, but you see the transition he goes through, the pressure of him losing his best friend, the responsibility he feels for that and how he’s coped without him and how that incident has changed his life. and Rooster’s forever. Maverick loves Rooster like a son.

Working with Jerry Bruckheimer on the co-production of this film.

6. “I wouldn’t have made this movie without him, not in a million years. They often told me I could shoot the movie using CGI and I always told them no, I needed to find the right story and the right crew. This movie has been like trying to shoot a bullet with another bullet and I’m not kidding.”

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The music.

7. “When we were looking for the sound of this film we were working with Hans [Zimmer] and Harold Faltermeyer got involved. We knew the pieces and there was magic in the moment when Jo, Jerry, our editor Eddie [Hamilton] and I found them. We were working in England when Hans told us: “Come to my music room. There is music by Lady Gaga and she played her song. It was a great moment!”.

One of the main themesLeading Top Gun Maverick is “Hold My Hand,” written by Gaga with Michael Tucker.

8. Lady Gaga’s song is part of the final scene. In the idea of ​​capturing the romance between Maverick and Penny and the romance of flying, the team wanted Lady Gaga to leave her mark on the soundtrack and the theme of “Hold My Hand” was chosen for the final scenes.

“Gaga is simply a genius. I have been lucky enough to see her sing it live. At that moment we knew that this would be the end of our film. She was the one who inspired that cut and inspired the tone that we put into that moment.”

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Filming in the air.

9. “What we’ve achieved with the aerial sequences is really something that people have never seen before. We have trained actors so that they can fly and perform on real F/A-18s. And to do that, we took the best fighter pilots in the world and taught them about movies: the pilot and the actor had to work as a team. This is the sophistication of aerial sequences. No one has ever, ever done this.”

What it means to have produced the sequel.

10. “Top Gun: Maverick is a heritage movie for me. For us, with Jerry. Making this film has been very emotional. When they ask me about that line that says: It’s not who I am, it’s who I am, I think it’s always been that way in terms of my work, my life and my passion.

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36 years later the sequel to Top Gun hits theaters

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36 years later the sequel to Top Gun hits theaters

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36 years later, the sequel to Top Gun hits theaters – Tom Cruise on Top Gun: Maverick

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