“30” is the most personal album Adele has ever written. This is what we know about the album

(CNN Spanish) – Adele is back with “30” the most personal album she has written in her career. This is what the British singer-songwriter says in various interviews published days prior to the release.

Adele has her audience accustomed to her personal ballads, to albums like “21” in which she spoke of heartbreak and from which some of the hymns in her repertoire were born, such as “Someone Like You”. In her fourth record production, the singer-songwriter speaks from her pain, anxiety and reinvention after her divorce.

The task of writing an album with emotions on the surface is not easy. Adele, who keeps her private life and specifically her relationships out of the public eye, is shown to be vulnerable in each of the 12 songs that make up the album.

Vulnerability “is dangerous at my level of fame,” Adele tells Zane Lowe of Apple Music.

“When I say that it is dangerous, I do not mean that it is really dangerous, but [a los] places [emocionales] to which I go in the [álbum]”, Explain.

And it is not only vulnerability when talking about their separation, to which he dedicated only one song, the single “Easy On Me”, but also the vulnerability of accepting that he was carried away by his ego, or how, being the figure that is, looking for a stable relationship and not casual sex.

The album, more than being a repository of one of the most difficult moments of his life, is a letter to his son, Angelo.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazineAdele says the goal of the album is to “teach Angelo who his mother really is: a complicated, multidimensional woman with an identity outside of the relationship. [con su padre]who fought, cried and suffered”.

When did you start writing “30”?

The singer tells Rolling Stone that she began writing the album in early 2019 and finished it in 2020. Most of the songs were composed in the summer of 2019, on a trip to London.

For the production, the singer recruited a crew she felt comfortable with, with people she had worked with before and knew her.

“[Trabajar] With people I knew, it seemed safe to me because I knew I could tell them things and I wouldn’t leave the studio. But they too have been through it. [el divorcio] with me,” Adele told Apple Music.

Greg Kurstin, Tobias Jesso Jr, Max Martin and Shellback worked with Adele on “25. The only relatively new person in this production is Inflo. In her interview with Apple Music, Adele says that Inflo, whom she affectionately calls Flo, was her pillar during the difficult time after her separation and with whom she did what she calls therapy sessions in the recording studio.

Each song on the album, Adele tells Rolling Stone, is presented in a chronological way of how she lived those months after her separation.

The songs of “30”, according to Adele

The production begins with “Strangers by Nature”, a song in which he reflects on separation, but without prejudice. She says that, musically speaking, she was inspired by melodies and harmonies of music of yesteryear, specifically what she saw in the movie “Judy” (2019), the film starring Renée Zellweger.

“I saw the Judy Garland biopic and I remember thinking ‘why did everyone stop writing those amazing melodies? That cadence, those harmonies,” Adele tells Apple Music.

In the second theme, “Easy On Me”, Adele speaks frontally about her divorce. In a interview with bbc 1the singer-songwriter explained that this was the first song she wrote for her fourth album.

“My Little Love,” the third track, was written from the perspective of her son or children who have witnessed their parents divorce, Adele says on Apple Music.

“For me, it was important to tell Angelo’s story, to say that it was difficult, that I wasn’t doing a good job in one of the hardest times of his life,” Adele tells Zane Lowe.

That track contains voice recordings of conversations between the singer and her son. According to Adele told Apple Music and Rolling Stone, they were made during a moment of extreme anxiety and as part of her therapy.

Apart from anxiety, Adele says that she also went through periods of depression and that is the theme of “Cry Your Heart Out”.

rediscovering herself

“Oh My God” and “Can I Get It” talk about the process of reintroducing the singer to the real world. “Can I Get It” tells about the process of thinking about the possibility of dating another person and establishing a relationship beyond casual sex.

It is followed by “I Drink Wine”, a song that with just its name created a stir on social networks. According to Adele on Apple Music, the song talks about the process of accepting “that you are a disaster. Sometimes knowing that you are a disaster, once you realize it, everything is easier,” she says.

“Hold On” was a song she wrote in February 2020 and she says that at the time of writing it she realized that she was making emotional progress and that therapy was helping her.

Adele revealed, in her interview with Apple Music, that for a year she could barely laugh, which might be surprising, considering her infectious laughter is one of her trademarks.

The song that Adele will never sing live

In this swing of emotions comes “To Be Loved”, a heartbreaking ballad of just over six minutes. According to the singer, the song was written in the same place where “When We Were Young” was born, one of the singles from “25”.

Adele documented the process of creating the theme. With her computer, she recorded a video, which she published this week, in which she is heard performing the song.

Although vocally the song is challenging, Adele confesses that this is not the reason why she will never sing the song live.

Interpreting this theme generates an emotional wear for the story behind it. In the interview with Apple Music he says that he can’t listen to the song either, “it breaks me down”, he reveals.

The album ends with “Love Is a Game”, a song that, musically, takes inspiration from the sixties, from soul and why not, from Amy Winehouse. In the interview with Apple Music, Adele says that the lyrics have an element of sarcasm, something that characterized Amy’s songs.

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“30” is the most personal album Adele has ever written. This is what we know about the album

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