20 things you don’t know about Gunna, the fine blade of US rap

1. Gunna, alias Sergio Giavanni Kitchens in the civil registry, has not always been nicknamed Gunna. On his very first project, his mixtape HardBody in 2013, he called himself Yung Gunna.

2. To pay for his studio hours at the very beginning of his career, he was selling “everything that came to hand” “Sneakers, clothes, weed… I was a hustler. »

3. Gunna owes much of her career to Young Thug who in 2016 signed him on his label YSL (Young Stoner Life), before offering him his first hit by inviting him on the track Floyd Mayweather.

4. Following the success of Drip Season 3 in 2018, the first project thanks to which he “really made sorrel”, Gunna took his whole crew with him to Jamaica to have a good time.

5. In 2019, he had the honor of being part of the 2019 vintage of Freshman XXL. Particularly prestigious, it counted in its ranks Blueface, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby or even Roddy Ricch.

Many critics, however, objected to this choice on the grounds that Gunna was already too well known to be considered a rookie.

6. The Wunna alias he uses very often is actually an acronym : it signifies Wealthy Unapologetic Nigga Naturally Authentic.

Good after, no need to look for a precise meaning to this sequence of words or “some theory”Gunna confessed that he was “high” the day it occurred to him.

7. Would Lil Baby have become Lil Baby without Gunna?

Not content with having given him lots of advice on posing (“Chow to record, why to retake, how to make ad-libs, how to save a song and send it to my phone »)he also wrote his first texts for payment.

8. Gunna however cordially hates being compared to Lil Baby.

“Between us, there is no competition. Neither of us like it. Not that it annoys us more than that, but it doesn’t make sense. We are the same people. People compare us because we’re both young and gifted, that’s all. »

9. Even more than his favored beatmaker, Gunna regards Turbo as “a coach”.

“In the studio, Turbo often tells me which line to redo. He supervises the songs, he is behind me. Sometimes, he makes me listen to my sounds again the next day to make me understand with the necessary hindsight what he didn’t like. »

10. According to him, there is no doubt Young Thug is the best rapper alive.

And if he were to establish the “big oven”he would add Lil Baby, Future… and himself!

11. Gunna swallowed a diamond by accident. A prominent jewelry enthusiast, he notably had a few stones set directly on his teeth. Bad luck, one day when he was eating a candy, one of them fell off and landed in the bottom of his stomach.

12. When he attends a fashion show, Gunna makes a point of rolling a little before.

“When you get high, you start thinking. So, when you look at all these pieces, you start imagining how to wear them, and with what outfits. »

13. For him, a rapper who hires a stylist is no better than a rapper who hires a ghostwriter.

Where things get complicated is that in an interview with QGhe admitted to working with a stylist, a certain Bobby Williams…

14. Her three favorite clothing brands are: Mike Amiri, Palm Angels and Versace.

15. Last year for Halloween, Rihanna dressed up as Gunna by reproducing one of her most famous outfits.

The interested party reacted not without humour, first of all by congratulating her in the comments ( Nah, you won by far. “)then completely replacing his Instagram profile photo with Riri’s snapshot.

16. If there is one accessory that defines him better than all the others, it is the famous rectangular sunglasses that he wears 90% of the time.

“These glasses are my trademark. »

17. Gunna’s purpose in life? According to an interview given last year in pitchforkit would be “Wear new Versace boxers every day that God makes until he dies”.

18. Hyperproductive, during the last quarantine, he said he recorded “between 200 and 300 pieces”.

19. 55% of songs refer to oral sex!

While on WUNNA in 2020 46 references were counted, on DS4EVER le count increased to 37 (for 19 tracks).

To each his own hobbies.

20. At 28, Gunna already wants to be remembered as “one of the greatest”.

“I want history to remember that I was a legend. The king of the drip himself. »

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20 things you don’t know about Gunna, the fine blade of US rap

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