20 recommended Argentine songs

Just when it seems that the end of the year is just around the corner, the Argentine scene gave us a torrent of possible candidates for the song of the summer. And like every month, the team of indie today selected his favorites that you can listen to in our playlist of Spotify along with the best of this year so far.

Axel Krygier – “Swedish Rhapsody”

The renowned Argentine musician found new inspiration in electronic mutation and sample collage.

Bandalos Chinos – “My party”

After the pop sensationalism of their last album, the Bachs return to basics in the advance of their promising third album.

Ca7riel – “Chanel Maconha”

The Argentine rapper has become an expert in surprising his followers, but the first preview of his next album left the bar high.

Carolina Zac – “Charm”

Carolina Zac’s voice seems to whisper secrets while inviting us to dance forever.

Chocolate Remix – “Homeland that gave birth to me”

Romina Bernardo’s project attacks with an incendiary cover of the 1998 Brazilian hit by rapper Gabriel o Pensador.

Fabricio Algo – “The laser games”

The US-based singer-songwriter exudes nostalgia and romantic yearning in his second micro EP of the year.

Femigangsta and Axel Fiks – “South”

The Argentine singer presents the first and promising advance of her next album influenced by R&B and neo soul.

Joint Ravolta – “The Other Side”

The Bernal-born band combines homage and satire to create a profound work of rock and social criticism.

Juan Baro – “10%”

The musician from La Plata, a member of El Estrellero, is preparing for his debut solo album with a pop track with drama and electronic elements.

Lucy Patané – “Nevada”

The talented Argentine artist adds orchestral arrangements in an ambitious song driven by emotion and with a surprise ending.

Malena Villa and Lara91k – “Waist”

At the high point of her new collaborative EP, actress and singer Malena Villa joins forces with Lara91k for a track full of chemistry

Miraculous Medal – “Confessional”

In mind wavethe band from Buenos Aires manages to synthesize even more the language that they found in their excellent previous album and sharpen their compositional aim.

Nicolás Mateo – “Last Faith”

The Argentine musician moves away from his acoustic roots and turns to classic rock in order to draw attention to the apocalyptic world news.

Pablo Malaurie – “You Came”

In his brand new comeback, the Argentine singer-songwriter finishes writing the love story that began more than 10 years ago with his song “Vení”.

Rare Fish – “Relic”

In the most ambitious album of their career, the duo from La Plata wonder about the ties between faith and love.

Rudy – “Allegories of fragility”

The Cordovan artist fuses psychedelia, garage and stoner rock on her energetic new album.

Rumbo Tumba and El Búho – “Cañaveral”

Facundo Salgado’s project is inspired by folktronics in this collaboration with the English producer El Búho.

Telescopes – “Everything from afar”

Córdoba’s favorite band kicks the gears down after their groundbreaking self-titled album and eclectic remix EPs, with a smooth song of disenchanted love.

One More Dead and Renata di Croce – “Bridge”

Guido Carmona and Renata di Croce built a bridge between Buenos Aires and La Plata where the groove flows.

Wiranda Johansen – “Spilled :):”

Wiranda Johansen (formerly Miranda) turns to dance floor electronic pop with lightness at the hands of her faithful producers Percii and Iván Cetkovich.

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20 recommended Argentine songs

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