🤘 Sabaton “The War To End All Wars” is available. Listen to “Race To The Sea”🤘 – Vinylestimes Classic Rock Radio 2022

“For nearly two decades, we have been singing about historic battles and wars from around the world.

Two years have passed since the release of our last album The Great War, a concept album that tells stories from the First World War.

Since then, we have all been trying to decide on the next chapter of our stories. Will it be Swedish history again? The American Civil War, the story of Napoleon, or perhaps the Crusades?
No, dear friends… We will once again focus on the beginning of the 20th century.

We give you: The war to end all wars!

We believe there is more to discover in this particular moment in history. There are still so many stories from the First World War to be told.

In time, we will learn them all…”

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“The Unkillable Soldier”
“Soldier Of Heaven”
“Race To The Sea”
“Lady Of The Dark”
“The Valley Of Death”
“Christmas Trick”

The War To End All Wars will be available in the following formats:
– Jewelcase CD
– Limited Gold CD [Supporter Edition – various versions with translated booklets]
–History Edition
– NB Mailorder Exclusive Edition [ltd. to 1500 copies]
– Earbook [limited to 6000 copies]
– Black Vinyl
– Azure Blue Vinyl [bandshop exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
– Inca Gold Vinyl [bandshop exclusive, ltd. to 500 copies]
– Copper Vinyl [ltd. to 500 copies]
– Fluorescent Orange Vinyl [ltd. to 500 copies]
– Leaf Green Vinyl [Sweden exclusive]
– Fluorescent Yellow Vinyl [Ginza exclusive]
– Dusk Vinyl [Levik exclusive]
– Soft Gray Vinyl [Nordics exclusive]
– Lavender Vinyl [FNAC exclusive]
– Rosewood Vinyl [Mystic exclusive]
– Fluorescent Green Vinyl [UK exclusive]
– Pacific Blue Vinyl
– Polar White Vinyl [limited to 300 copies]
– Dewdrop Vinyl [limited to 500 copies, EMP exclusive]
– Blue tape [limited to 100 copies, bandshop exclusive]
– Green tape [limited to 100 copies]
– Gray tape [limited to 300 copies]
– Red cassette [limited to 500 copies]
– Black tape [limited to 250 copies]
– Smokey tape [limited to 200 copies]
– White tape [limited 100 copies]

Of the many battlefields of World War I, no scene was as hostile as the dreaded Alpine Front which involved a series of battles on the border between Austria-Hungary and Italy.

In the heights of the Alps, men fought in the most extreme conditions to protect the borders. Today, these battles are infamously known as the “White War”, where many soldiers froze to death or were buried by dangerous avalanches. Their bodies remained under the snow until today.

Today, Swedish war chroniclers Sabaton are once again opening the history books to present their new single, ‘Soldier Of Heaven’, giving this overlooked chapter of World War I an impressive voice, tune and music video highlighting showcasing breathtaking special effects and the fatal beauty of this battlefield.

“Soldier Of Heaven” precedes Sabaton’s tenth album, The War To End All Wars, which will be released March 4 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Once again, Sabaton will delve into the atrocities, miracles and events of World War I and take the listener on an emotional and thrilling 11-track journey.

Stay Tuned

@Doc Olivier

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🤘 Sabaton “The War To End All Wars” is available. Listen to “Race To The Sea”🤘 – Vinylestimes Classic Rock Radio 2022

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