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The Port Nord room in Chalon was the scene this Thursday evening of Yves Jamait’s stunning performance, anything but cold and bland. Many would also sign with both hands for an additional certified copy. This is to say the alchemy that reigned without firing a shot…

text songs

In the present case, it was his CD “Parenthèse 2” which took center stage, an anthology of his songs, readjusted, the most successful because they exceeded the others in popularity, and (or) which particularly appealed to the “master ceremonial”. By pumping into the pool of his previous albums, Yves Jamait has therefore brought to the surface titles that are altogether timeless, which do not age. “I’m breaking”, “Ok you’re leaving”, “Live with you”, “Sunday (caress me)”, “I was passing by by chance”, “Celles”, “Atheists wishes”, “C’ is life”, “I believe”, “Insomnia”, “Ridicules”, “Even without you”, etc. thus exhumed strong feelings.

Life, far from being a long calm river, the fragility of love, friendship, fellowship, a certain malaise, libations, politicians… the artist transcends them with words that leave you speechless, captivate beyond normal. The poeticization proves to be limitless, the public is absorbed in it religiously, but also exults when contexts and rhythms lend themselves more to iridescence. A mix of genres whose amplitude maintained a false suspense for nearly two hours and forty minutes…

The icing on the cake, Yves Jamait has in fine made his audience’s mouth water by releasing three tracks from his next album, which is scheduled for release in October. In no way to pick up, his two friends also had a key role to play in the good performance of the evening. Its percussionist Didier Grebot as well as its accordionist-keyboardist Samuel Garcia will have softened manners by, from time to time, wisely donning the costume of “interventionist”.

It’s not just the significant aspect of song and music

To attend an Yves Jamait show is to have the chance to possess the gift of ubiquity. Outside his strict framework, the man frolics, doesn’t take himself seriously, ostensibly displays a sense of humor that spreads like wildfire, the joke at the edge of his lips. The man is happy to talk, and moreover a theatricalization in good and due form means that there is no doubt: everyone is indeed the witness of a live performance.

Hélène Piris and her atypical personality

A picturesque way to begin hostilities, the first part was devoted to Hélène Piris. The singer-cellist reported on her attractive album “No but we’re going to get out of it”, which fell in the bins last year. For sure, she stands out in the middle, going straight to the point with a language style in which transparency is total. She calls a spade a spade, full stop

“Lumière la scène s’engage”, “Le rêve de Marie dream” and the pediatric service at the forefront

For the newly-created Chalonnaise association “Lumière la Scène s’Engage”, this was its baptism of fire, as it was dealing with the organization of its very first event. As a preamble to the development of these recreational hours, she, in the person of Claire Denay, characterized the association in question by a humanitarian commitment, which will continue according to opportunities. In this case, this May 19 was placed under the auspices of the pediatric service of the Chalon hospital center. Sylvie Garopin, from the givrotine association “Le rêve de Marie dream” strongly committed to helping young people affected by this nasty affection, whose daughter Marie died at the age of 16, dedicated the evening to her little protected, through Yves Jamait’s song “Even without you”. As for Michel Françoise, of the said pediatric service, he notably specified that pediatric cancers formed the leading cause of death in children, adding that five to ten children were affected each year by the subject in the Chalonnais.

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Yves Jamait, this modern-day troubadour who poetized so much and more in Chalon – All the free news in a click

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