Willy Denzey, Leslie, Wallen… what happens to these R&B stars who were a hit at the same time as Diam’s?

The meeting has been announced: on July 1 and 2, the documentary retracing the journey of Diam’s baptized Salam, including his descent into hell, will be available in cinemas for a limited time.

If she marked the beginning of the 2000s, the former rapper remains a legend thirteen years after her musical retirement. But what happens to his former comrades in the game?

A few days ago, Sinik announced that he had stopped rapping. This comes after several comebacks from the one who tackled Vitaa. In the meantime, he had opened several tattoo parlors. “Family, everything has an end, including the best things! I’m going to try not to take too long. 26 years after Amalgam’ my 1st group and 17 years after “hand on heart” I think it’s time to hang up definitively and this time it’s the right one. To be honest, I’m not expecting tears or cries of joy, I’m writing this message only out of respect for the people who continue to follow me and who are already talking to me about a future album. Didn’t see any bitterness or sadness there, on the contrary!! I’m proud and happy of what I’ve accomplished: 1.4 million, tours all over the world for almost 20 years, feats with big names, in short, we’re not going to do everything again. I’ve already been playing overtime for quite a while and at some point you have to know when to stop even if it’s not easy, those who really love me will understand that. Thank you from the bottom from the heart to those who have supported me from near or far allowing me to have this privileged life. Thank you for all the love that you have given me and that you continue to give me today, I will never have enough words and gratitude for all this! Thanks also to karim and Nabil, Moussa, Jay Carré, Lavista and all those who accompanied me during these many years. I might do a few single tracks if the desire and inspiration are there and a few feats here and there, but “Niksi” will be my last album. The concert on May 24 at the Élysée Montmartre will also be my last in Paris and then I will end up where it all started in Les Ulis on June 11 and the circle will be complete I am writing my 1st book, I take a lot of fun doing it, inside there will be thousands of detailed things about me, my life or my career that you don’t know about… I hope you like it. Soon to be 42 years old, make way for others! See you on May 24 in Paris and June 11 in Les Ulis, take care of yourself“he explained.

As for Lââm, the singer did a brief stint in Dancing with the Stars 11. Mourning over the loss of her husband, she gave a few shows again. For her part, the singer Leslie withdrew from media life, as did Wallen, although she made rare appearances on television.

His former comrade Willy Denzey has unveiled several titles while waiting for his next project. He created his own label and produced artists.

Matt Houston has returned with several singles but is mainly focused on tours centered on RnB artists of the 2000s. As for Sheryfa Luna, she recently made her comeback in stores at the request of her audience, whom she is close to on social networks.

After making her comeback in stores, in 2018 Nâdiya launched her own collection of fashion accessories and candles, DMYD Création. Kenza Farah experienced a crossing of the desert as well as a painful divorce which took him away from the middle. Amine preferred to put his career on hold to take care of his son. A noble choice that we can only applaud.

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Willy Denzey, Leslie, Wallen… what happens to these R&B stars who were a hit at the same time as Diam’s?

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