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guest in Telematin, this Monday, October 10, Michèle Laroque made a funny confidence about the remark made to her by Jean-Jacques Goldman on her talents as a singer.

Michèle Laroque knows how to do it “with goods, sheep, but also with pianos”… and a little less with the voice. singer in the Motherfuckers, the 62-year-old actress was treated to a funny remark from Jean-Jacques Goldman. guest in Telematin this Monday, October 10, Julia Vignali humorously reminds him: “I hear he told you that you didn’t…”. “That I sing like a pan!”cuts the comedian with a smile. “So he’s not going to make you an album”, ironically France 2 host. Again, his guest replies amused: “Jean Jacques? It’s not up for”. In turn, Thomas Sotto tries to find out where the relationship is between the actress soon to appear in Belle and Sebastian and the French singer: “Aren’t you mad though?”

“No, no, especially not. He is a wonderful, extraordinary man.“, says Michèle Laroque before returning to her talents as a singer. By discovering a video of her at the piano repeating the title Song of my funny life by Véronique Sanson, Oriane Deschamps’ mother Explain :I always love to singbut I’m not super good, I think”. “I find you a little harsh with you”concludes Thomas Sotto when his sidekick assures that the actress “sings very true”. Failing to have made a career in music, Michèle Laroque would be the cousin of a famous French author, composer and performer. Guest on the show Pleased to meet you of M Radio, on July 2, Francois Baroin’s companion found : “So, Michel Berger, whom I unfortunately did not meet, he is my cousin. By my father, by the Laroques”.

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Michèle Laroque explains her link with Michael Berger

Faced with the astonishment of Sophie Davant, she revealed the details of this relationship, unknown to the general public: “Colette Laroque was the wife of Pierre Laroque (a cousin of his father, Claude, editor’s note), creator of social security, by the way. I was at the café-théâtre and we were singing a song in a show. Before continuing : “It served the show, more than the music. It was a song that the author of the show had composed. And it (Colette Laroque, editor’s note) said at a family dinner, ‘Well, you have a little cousin who is also called Michèle and who makes music like you. When I found out she had said that to Michel Berger, but I was all red!

Again, she confided in her desire to make song her profession: “I would have loved to make music, I would have loved to be a singerbut frankly, it’s not that I don’t assume, it’s that I am lucid, I am not gifted! Finally, there is a basis, because I sang all my childhood“.

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VIDEO – Michèle Laroque bad singer? This criticism formulated by Jean-Jacques Goldman! – Gala

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