VIDEO. Behind the scenes with the artists of the program “Immediate boarding” filmed in Ajaccio

Have you ever seen Voice Ventu and Soprano at the same location ? You had to be present this Monday, October 10 at the Casone in Ajacciowhen dozens of French song artists “landed” for the recording of a television show.

This shoot is none other than the staging of the two parts of the album Corsu Mezu Mezu whose project is an initiative of Patrick Fiori, but above all, an association of Corsican and continental artists.

The show continues this Tuesday, October 11 from 6:30 p.m. Immediate boarding takes place in the form of free concerts open to all. The event allows Ajacciens and Ajacciennes to appreciate in real and live, the Corsican language in the mouth of artists recognized in all corners of France, but also of course their favorite island artists.

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When the doors opened, many rushed to be closer to the stage… while behind it, a meticulous organization was tied up.

In a context “fairy” according to Soprano, the artists had to make some effort to make the album Corsu Mezu Mezu a real spectacle.

For continental artists, the difficulty of pronunciation has been one of their main worries. Interviewed about his presence at this concert when he was not initially part of the project, the tall and smiling man who is nicknamed “the turtle” confided in this subject. “I had very little time [..] so it’s tricky, I don’t want to make a mistake. I don’t want to offend people by not singing with the right accent.”

For the island artists, it was stress management and the scenic side that had to be worked on, because for many it was the first time — or almost — that they had taken part in an event of this magnitude.

Between glitter and spotlights are, for example, the young dancers of Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet. These rising dance stars are there to accompany the singers on stage.

“they are stressed but they are very happy”, says Grégoire Lyonnet alongside Alizée who adds with a smile “Some have not slept all night”.

The Avvinta group, made up of four young Corsican men, was also present to accompany the headliners. For them, it’s not quite the beginning, they participated, among other things, in the final of The Voice with Kendji. Laughing in the corner and macagne are de rigueur for the young Corsicans who wander backstage and rub shoulders with the rest of the gratin without worries, although “Yeah… no we still have the pressure” (they smile).

“And all that why? Because it’s our home”

These are the words of Clément Albertini, when Soprano describes the peaceful but lively atmosphere behind the scenes as on the stage. Everyone noticed, the show in the form of concerts does not look like a classic shooting, which can sometimes be called “cold place”, according to Soprano. Here, the cameras are almost forgotten despite rehearsals, journalists and interviews. Laughter and pleasure burst the screen. “The context” they will say, a cotton sky, the great outdoors and a view of the sea. Christophe Willem even speaks of an atmosphere ” festival”. The organization aims to be warm and relaxing and the optimization of pleasure for artists, seasoned or not, is felt. The backstage is halfway between a straw hut and a living room. A counter, smiling waitresses, drinks and food in abundance. The decor of the luxurious anthill is filled with seats, carpets, and concentrated technicians.

“Anything that can carry the language and make it live”

This eclecticism makes it possible to hear Corsican spoken at the counter with speakers of all persuasions. Language has obviously taken a prominent place in this affair.

While Patrick Fiori brought together these distinct artists for the same purpose. All played the learning game “school” as Bénabar will explain. Frédéric Poggi, one of the members of Voce Ventu, does not fail to underline the importance, for his group as well as for its language, of being exposed in this way.

At the question : “The hardest thing for non-Corsophones is the pronunciation?” He responds with great confidence and a little emotion: “What you have to see is not the result, it’s the effort, and the heart that you put into it. Anything that can carry the language and make it live, even in someone’s mouth who does not master it, it is something to take”.

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VIDEO. Behind the scenes with the artists of the program “Immediate boarding” filmed in Ajaccio

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