Unpublished works by Charles Trenet put online to celebrate his birthday

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For the anniversary of the birth of “Charles”, on May 18, his friend Thierry Guillo posted 18 unpublished songs, including “Vas-y Tonton la France demanded you”, composed for the re-election of François Mitterrand in 1988.

In 1985, the young Thierry Guillo, a great admirer of Charles Trenet – he knows his work like the back of his hand – has the nerve to write to him… and the “singing madman” receives him one fine day at 11 a.m. in his house in ‘Antibes with the famous portal flanked by two lions! Charles Trenet will offer Thierry to work for him from 1988 to 1992 as an assistant in charge of sorting the mountain of mail from his fans and as a compiler.

“It was about preparing rehearsal tapes that Charles listened to in his car during his tours from one city to another” says Thierry Guillo. At that time, there were no teleprompters or earpieces…

From there will be born a friendship and even a complicity. Thierry remembers: “On May 18, 1988, Charles invited me to celebrate his 75th birthday in Cannes. At the end of the meal, he gave me an audio cassette on which was simply written: Tonton”. It contained neither more nor less a piano recording of the song composed and sung to heat the room during meetings of the presidential campaign of François Mitterrand. The gift is priceless because there are no copies or recordings of this song.

Then, strongly inspired by his revered master, Thierry Guillo left for a career in the USA and Canada before returning to France to work with the greatest (Henri Salvador, Annie Cordy.) while preserving in his possession unpublished works by Charles Trénet …which he proposes to offer today in homage to the Grand Master on his birthday.

To find out more, simply log on to Youtube and type: “Charles Trenet 90 years of career 18 unpublished songs”.

To get into the mood, you must of course visit Charles Trenet’s birthplace in Narbonne, furnished as if the artist was going to return any moment, humming a new song. Note that the car shown in the photo is currently for sale on an ad site. Notice to amateurs!

The lyrics of the song “Tonton”

Go ahead Tonton, France is asking for you,

Go Tonton, the towns and cantons all have such great affection for you that right now everyone is singing in unison “Vas-y Tonton”

Go ahead Tonton, forget the propaganda of those who want to give you lessons,

Go ahead Uncle France is asking you,

Go on, Uncle, Go on, hold on, Go on, go on, go on, Uncle.

Among the 18 “unpublished” revealed by Thierry Guillo, many concert recordings.

The 18 unreleased tracks

1. Send the playback (unreleased studio) 19942. To the film club (Thierry)3. Margarine said (advertisement) 19404. I’m mad with anger (advertisement) 19515. The real parents, the real family (rare CBS title) 19826. The friend of the aftermath (rare Emi title) 19897. La chance aux chansons ( Japanese studio version) 19698. A Parisian in New York (orchestral) 19519. Papa pique et Maman coud (Tokyo concert) 195910. The beach piano (Tokyo concert) 195911. Five years of navy (concert in Quebec) 198312. Je chante (concert in Quebec) 198413. La polka du roi (concert in Quebec) 198414. There were trees (Japanese studio version) 196915. Buenas noches Buenas Aires (in Spanish) 195016. Vas-y uncle (unreleased) 198817 My discotheque is in my heart (Thierry)18. Nothing to wax (radio version) 199419. The march of the good children (unreleased CBS title)

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Unpublished works by Charles Trenet put online to celebrate his birthday

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