“Top Gun Maverick”: “Top Gun”, but in good

Thirty-six years after the film that propelled him to stardom, Tom Cruise returns to defy the authority of his superiors and pilot ships in Top Gun: Mavericka sequel hair-raising that pays homage to the 1986 movie while surpassing it.

If the sequels of films most often give only mixed resultsthe idea of ​​giving a new chance to Top Gun will probably not have offended anyone, so badly has this 1980s classic aged. Despite the flair of Tony Scottdifficult today to feign the slightest interest in the daddy issues barely dug from the hero, his syrupy love story with Kelly McGillis (while future romance star Meg Ryan was right there!), or the overuse of “Take my breath away”, capable of driving any sane person to suicide.

The same, but better

Let things be clear, Top Gun: Maverickit is Top Gun. So much so that during the first seconds, with the same music eighties, the same white text on a black background and the same shots of tarmac at dusk, the author of these lines briefly panicked, thinking that she had gone to a screening of the 1986 feature film by mistake. But the film succeeds the feat of being modeled very faithfully on the original, while surpassing it in all respects. Romance, humor, action: everything is better in maverick.

In this new opus, our hero finds himself an instructor at Top Gun, the Navy school supposed to train the best pilots in the country. His goal? Form a team of young recruits for an extremely dangerous and complex – one could even say… impossible – mission. Top Gun: Maverick thus renews its plot and its original cast with a young generation embodied by an enticing cast: Miles Teller, Glen Powell again Jay Ellis, whom we are delighted to find after Insecure.

Despite this reboot Narrative with a tight stake, Joseph Kosinski’s film multiplies the strong reminders of the original. Same shots (Tom Cruise on a motorbike racing an airplane), same replicas too (“don’t give me that look” “what look?” “that one”). Miles Teller, who plays Goose’s son, is a carbon copy of the character played by Anthony Edwards, down to the mustache.

The instructor’s twist, first met at the bar under questionable circumstances, is also replayed by Maverick himself, who has become a teacher, even if here he is devoid of any sexual conflict of interest: after all, it is 2022. As for the sports scene on the beach, she also reappears, but this time her role in the story is clearer, a tipping point for the cohesion of the young recruits. We also thank the scene for having repaired decades of cinematic injustice, by filming an entire team of shirtless male pilots, while the women are in sportswear.

Technical achievement

The music also finds a skilful balance between a healthy revamp and references to the original. Exit Berlin, make way for original music composed by Lorne Balfe, Hans Zimmer, Lady Gaga and Harold Faltermeyer, the original composer of Top Gun. But nostalgics can rest assured: some of the most unforgettable guitar bits from the 1986 film are put to good use and will immediately plunge you back into the original’s kitschy, uplifting vibe.

Finally, while airplane scenes Top Gun have today lost their edge, the news action sequences could rival those of any Fast and Furious. Focused on their almost impossible mission, the new team faces a challenge far more pressing than the characters of the original film: infiltrate an enemy base, destroy a target with precision and escape death despite grueling physical conditions. The last third of the film is thus a succession of bewildering and immersive scenes, which make perfect use of modern techniques.

Meta emotion

But the biggest change is Tom Cruise himself. In 2022, Maverick is obviously still a maverick, a hothead who constantly seeks to exceed his limits, knowingly ignoring rules and laws. But in this new version, it is no longer Mav that we are looking at, but Cruise himself. In Top Gunhe embodied a small fart without relief and was regularly upstaged by Val Kilmer or even Anthony Edwards (if you want our opinion, Goose should have been the hero of Top Gun).

Today, the actor has not only grown in stature, depth and talent, but he has also become the biggest action star of his time. Top Gun: Maverick is therefore as much a tribute to its flagship character as to the actor who embodies it: on several occasions, the characters of the film contemplate it with the same amazed and admiring air as the public well installed in its cinema seat.

“He’s the fastest man in the world”, whispers, amazed, one of his colleagues at the beginning of the film. A few scenes later, Maverick is admonished by his superior, who almost seems to be addressing Ethan Huntthe hero of the franchise Impossible mission: “Despite your best efforts, you simply refuse to die.”

The greatest emotional moments of this sequel, however, go to Val Kilmer, who makes a short appearance as Iceman. A year ago in Vala documentary previewed at Cannes, the actor revealed his difficult remission from throat cancer, which hindered his speech and caused him to withdraw from the sets. It is therefore with immense emotion that we see the actor resume the role that has transformed him into an icon.

0827894 1Top Gun: Maverick

by Joseph Kosinsky

with Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly


Duration: 2h11

Released: May 25, 2022

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“Top Gun Maverick”: “Top Gun”, but in good

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