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Here are the top 3 of the best things that can happen on our beautiful planet: a solution to global warming, the resignation of Darmanin (we have just learned that he has been renamed Minister of the Interior and we have SERIOUS balls), and the release of a new Harry Styles album. For the first two, we will have to wait a little longer, but we at least have the chance to see the third come true today. For the occasion, I put on a dress before writing you some reasons to worship, you too, Harry Styles, a more than perfect man (and I’m not talking about conjugation).

1. His name is Harry Styles

And just for this iconic name we validate it. And yes, it is his true blase. The guy is born to be a star.

2. He is super benevolent

Harry is the guy at the antipodes of the bad boy that we see everywhere else in music. He is friendly, he encourages Treat people with kindness (the real ones know) and getting away from toxic people. It changes a little bit from pop stars to asshole behavior (no no, I’m not aiming at you Justin B.).

3. He fully supports the LGBT+ community

Harry brings a lot of visibility and support to the LGBT+ community. The guy often speaks out on the subject, carries the rainbow flags that are thrown at him in concert and even helps his fans to come out. It’s still nice that a star of his stature supports and encourages the cause. Well, it’s great UNLESS you’re the kind of person who wears demo sweaters for everyone, of course. But you’d have to be damn stupid to do that.

4. He pissed off toxic masculinity

The guy is gender fluid, wears polish and puts on dresses before going in front of the photographers. Not enough to upset the whole Earth, you will tell me, but it helps a lot of people to free themselves from toxic norms. In addition to that, the guy has created his cosmetics brand, a niche that is usually occupied by Rihanna, Selena Gomez or Paris Hilton. Girls what.

5. He survived One Direction

So yeah, One Direction, it was a fucking stepping stone for his career, but it could also have destroyed him. The guy was hyper sexualized and exposed from the age of 16 to teenagers who fainted at his concerts. He spent his teenage years wandering around the world, away from his family, releasing an album a year. The media knew everything he did, what he ate at noon, what time he was going to pee, and how many moles he had on his right buttock. What to take a boulard not possible or to become completely crazy. However, today, he looks good in his coattails, he hasn’t gone into a spin and he is continuing on his merry way. It’s strong enough.

6. Her curls are perfect

Their perfectly aerodynamic shape is also considered a category 2 weapon by law.

7. He also makes movies

Beyond being an accomplished and brilliant singer, our little Harry is also an actor. We could see it in Dunkirk, and he will star in two films this year. Not for the fig huh: the guy will have the main role, squarely. Long live the Oscar.

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8. He is not afraid of ridicule

He made a clip that tells a great story between a man and a fish (Adore you) and a clip where he flies through the air in a somewhat unmistakably Mary Poppins way. It proves he’s not afraid to look stupid, and I like people who don’t take themselves seriously. And the people who take a shower in the morning also. It’s better in transport.

9. He speaks French

Well, if we want to be a little honest, he knows a sentence in French, but he brings it out with pleasure as soon as he is in an interview or in concert with us. It’s always a pleasure.

10. He’s mega buddies with Ed Sheeran

Another guy with a reputation for being super nice. It means what it means.

11. Frankly, he could fart in a microphone, we would still find it cool

Must tell the truth, I am not at all objective, and I am not the only one.

12. He smashes Harry Potter

It’s from afar the best harryand if there were to remain only one, it would clearly not be the other binocular who cries as soon as he meets a dementor.

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Top 12 reasons to worship Harry Styles, a beautiful person | Topito

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