Top 10 desperate marketing moves to sell CDs, the stuff no one buys anymore

Lacrim, “Persona Non Grata”

At the end of 2021, Lacrim released the album “Persona Non Grata”, and for the occasion… He puts the dishes in the big ones! He first promises that the pre-ordered physical version will be doubled with a physical version of his first project, “Provisional Freedom”, released in 2010. Nice. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL ! He also hid 26 banknotes of 500 euros (i.e. €13,000), in the famous editions of “Liberté Provisoire”. Is it Christmas or what?

Georgio, “Wild Years”

A concrete box for a concrete album. Not common, but not super practical. Citing the scoliosis of this poor delivery man.

Orelsan, “Civilization”

November 2021, Orelsan unveils his latest album: “Civilization”. On the networks, he reveals to have hidden 5 “golden tickets”, giving access to all his concerts, for life. We don’t say Orelsan is Willy Wonka, we just say we’ve never seen the two men in the same place.

Same thing for “Nonante-five”, by Angèle

Chance of the calendar or real connection between the two artists: Angèle had planned the same publicity stunt for her album Nonante-five, released only three weeks later.

Soso Maness, “Mistral”

Before signing with Sony, Soso Maness carried out ultra-legal commercial activities in a building hall. As a nod to his past, he therefore decided to distribute his second album himself, hand to hand, in the lobby of a building. On site: pouches, grinders, lighters and rolling papers. Atmosphere point of deal and chill between friends, why not.

Lorenzo, “Living Legend”

For the last album of his career, “l’Empereur du sale” did not do things by halves: he launched 100 different versions of his physical album. The same tracklist, but 100 different designs! Broom. Among them, we found in particular the “smokable version” (a pouch equipped with rolling papers and a toncar) or the “RSA” edition: without cover, but at only 1€99. This guy is a genius.

PLK, “Mind”

For a purchased CD, leave with the “Mental Box”: the CD (still), a t-shirt, a numbered ticket and a pocket in the shape of a medical radio. Are we at the FNAC, or at the primary school fair? I’m not too sure anymore.

Nekfeu, “Wandering Stars”

When Nekfeu released “Étoiles Vagabondes” in 2019, the packaging of the album was talked about, and for good reason: in addition to the plastic sleeve, the bubble bag and the transparent sleeve (already not trivial), the box also left and especially room for another CD. Two weeks later, everything cleared up: Nekfeu released the “Expansion” reissue, to be stored in the vacant space. Stroke of genius.

Jul, “Tomorrow will be fine”

On the release of his album “Tomorrow it will go” (June 2021), Jul relayed a message full of mysteries on his networks: “ Anyone who has the Tomorrow CD will be fine, update your JUL application, go to “JUL AR” and skim over the booklet, I’ve hidden some delusions in it. ». The “delusions” in question? An album cover that comes alive when you hover over it with your app. WOW, actually.

Jul, “Far from the world”

Ehhhh Jul again! Whether you love or hate his music, you can’t take it away from him: this guy is a geniusand one workaholic. In December 2020, he released “Far from the world”. A title that he takes literally since he sends his CD outright… Into space. Ecology level, we will come back. But marketing level… It’s unheard of.

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Top 10 desperate marketing moves to sell CDs, the stuff no one buys anymore

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