The Music of the Paratroopers in concert in Pamiers on Thursday

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Ambassador of the airborne troops, the music of the paratroopers of Toulouse will be in concert this Thursday from 8:30 p.m. in the Salle du Jeu du Mail. Meeting with the music conductor Stéphane Fougeroux.

Back in Pamiers for a concert, what motivated your choice?

Pamiers is a city that is dear to our hearts. There is one of the finest parachute regiments in France, the 1er RCP. We know that we are always very well received by the public and the municipality of the city of Gabriel Fauré. We are always very happy to come back for a concert.

Still faithful to this marvelous orchestra?

I’ve been conducting paratrooper music for many years now. In the meantime I made some infidelities there by taking the direction of the Music of the Troupes de Marine in the Paris region for 4 years. I return to Toulouse to take command of the music of the paratroopers for my greatest pleasure. I am accompanied in this difficult task by Lieutenant Mathieu Larieu as assistant music director. He will conduct alongside me the concert of October 13 in Pamiers.

Why do we say conductor and not conductor?

It is indeed an orchestra that I conduct. The title of conductor is due to the regulatory designation of the function and grade. One begins as second class bandmaster at the rank of lieutenant, then master captain first class and principal bandmaster at the rank of major. Finally head of music out of class at the rank of lieutenant-colonel, which I am currently. One can, with luck and longevity, at the end of one’s career become chief of music for the armies of exceptional class with the stripes of a colonel. We conduct an orchestra but remain music conductor.

In your career you have led orchestras that you have led to excellent levels, what are the attributes of an excellent conductor?

First of all, you have to have strong technical skills that you obtain through competitive examinations. Music writing skills. Compose, know how to orchestrate a score, ie adapt it to the orchestra. Beyond technical skills, you have to have a passion for your job and people, know how to command and guide a team. A music conductor is also a military leader who must lead his men towards the objectives of concerts and military ceremonies. Love music and human contact.

You are both artistic director and commander of a unit of professional musicians, is that right?

Absolutely, we have this particularity, a double “cap”. Music leader and unit commander of professional musicians. They are fully-fledged, full-time musicians. Musicians from regional and national conservatories recruited by competition.

You always offer very eclectic programs, what guides you in the choice of repertoires?

First and foremost, it is the desire to satisfy a large audience. I like to start programs with transcriptions of classical works, then move on to more modern things, original music for wind orchestra, film music, jazz, variety. Our orchestra has all the qualities to approach all styles. We take advantage of this specialty to satisfy all audiences. Depending on the cities that invite us, as in Pamiers, there is the essential figure of Gabriel Fauré.

What program for the Pamiers concert?

For the Pamiers concert, the program includes classical works by Camille Saint-Saens, Franz Von Suppé, original music by Fédérico Chueca and Carl Nielsen. More contemporary pieces, film music and finally a tribute to Edith Mitchell.

An invitation to travel combining tradition and modernity which should satisfy the Appamean public.

Concert open to all and free. A collection will be organized for the benefit of the wounded and bereaved families of the armies. Reservations online or at the tourist office.

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The Music of the Paratroopers in concert in Pamiers on Thursday

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