“The link with Telephone, I will have it for life”: Richard Kolinka, ex-drummer of the famous rock band, presents his new supergroup

France 4 broadcasts the new concert of Adventurers from another world this Wednesday, October 5 at 9:10 p.m. In this show event, Richard Kolinka, Louis Bertignac, Calogero and Cali perform together on stage and share their greatest hits and covers of great pop-rock classics. Surprise guests join them during the concert. Back on this extraordinary experience with the drummer of Telephone and Insus.

How would you present the group Les Aventuriers d’autre monde?

Richard Kolinka : It’s an ephemeral group that I show every year. He was born during the Fontenay-sous-bois festival which is called The adventurers and that I was sponsoring. M, who had taken part in the very first concert in 2006, had told me the following year, during our first tour, that I should call this group Another world. I thought it was too much Telephone. He then suggested Adventurers of Another World. I thought that was a good idea. He has good ideas. (Laughs)

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Adding “from another world” still keeps you connected to Telephone.

Yes and no. Anyway, the link, I will have it for life. And fortunately. And so much the better. We all dream of another world. This ephemeral group is another world for all those who participate because it is a concert apart where we all mix.

Richard Kolinka: “Jean-Louis and Louis are so much a part of me”

Do you invite the participants?

Yes. There are people who come back regularly like Cali, Louis Bertignac Where Jean Louis Aubert. Miss K. Some do it multiple times. Stephan Eicher. It allows me to meet and play with lots of people. It’s very nice.

Jean-Louis and Louis, are they the first ones you call?

Not always. I don’t know why either. (Laughs) Yet they are so much a part of me, they are always present in my head. I tell myself that anyway I’ll call one of the two because I’m not going to call both at the same time.

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Why ?

Because if I put the three of us on stage, people are going to want to see the group Telephone or The Insus, what I understand. We would then do a concert of the Insus and not the Adventurers. And that’s not the goal.

Richard Kolinka: “Corine and I are over”

You don’t quote Corine Marienneau, your former Telephone partner. What relationship do you have with her today?

None. So. (Laughs) But really none.

Is a reconciliation between you four really impossible?

I don’t know, but with me, it’s impossible. corina and me, it’s over. A page is turned. Too bad but that’s how it is.

Why ?

It’s couple stories. (Laughs) That’s it.

Richard Kolinka: “Telephone is an extraordinary moment in my life”

Despite everything, you have fond memories of the ten years of Telephone.

This is an extraordinary moment in my life but also for the four of us. We experienced something so incredible. I only keep the good sides. There is no particular moment, it is the whole. There are so many things to tell that it is better that I say nothing. (Laughs) Otherwise I won’t stop. Maybe one day I’ll write, like my little comrades, but I don’t feel like a writer’s soul.

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Do you miss not belonging to a landline group like with Telephone?

No, I have a full life as a musician. I miss not playing with my little friends, I can’t say otherwise but I do a lot of things, I don’t have time to be bored. It was great but I moved on. Fortunately. And then I have groups, even if they are totally unknown.

Quote them, so they will be less.

(Laughs) One is called Trafic Parade and another is called Even if. They’re my friends and I’m having a blast. That’s what’s fantastic about music, I get to do what I like and with whoever I want.

Richard Kolinka: “The insus was a great story”

Where are the Insus? Will you play together again?

I’ve no idea. We don’t know, we don’t talk about it. In any case, if it happens, it’s not for tomorrow. (Laughs) But it was a great story.

On the other hand, Adventurers from another world seems to be an annual event.

Yes. It’s such a unique moment. We really are a real band when we are on stage. And as soon as we get off stage, the band breaks up and we had a fantastic time. I’m not a fan of long concerts, but ours can last three hours. Once we’re gone, it’s hard to stop.

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“The link with Telephone, I will have it for life”: Richard Kolinka, ex-drummer of the famous rock band, presents his new supergroup

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