The Dalida Institute, a “Fame” version of the school in Aix-en-Provence

It’s a somewhat special school, which seems straight out of a movie, which is being built right now in Aix en Provence. The school’s godmother is none other than Louane. The founders and teachers are just as prestigious, from Bruno Berberes, the famous director of cast​, a talent scout, particularly for The Voiceto Roberto Ciurleo, former program director of Virgin Radio and president of NRJ, now a producer of musicals.

At the start of the next school year, the sub-prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône will host the Dalida Institute, an establishment aimed at training the artists of tomorrow. Robert Ciurleo returns for 20 minutes on this project of Famous French-style.

What is the starting point of your project?

I have been thinking about starting this school for years. I am a producer of shows, like the musical Robin Hood. And during the castings, I was amazed at how unprepared the younger artists were. During the auditions, the young professionals did not know how to put their voices, did not know how to speak to a sound engineer, did not know how to get ready. They explained to me that it was like that, the French level.

It turns out that, at the same time, I lived in New York for three years. I spent a lot of time on Broadway and I saw the very complete training of artists there. Since 2010, I have had this idea of ​​setting up a school dedicated to the profession of singer, but I haven’t had the time to do so so far. With the pandemic, I had more time to look into the subject. I was therefore able to begin to build a training course over a year, as complete as possible, by connecting the entire musical sector and by allowing future students to benefit from a certain network. We will find the greatest coaches there, such as Bertrand Lamblot, who produced the albums of Christophe Maé and Johnny Halliday.

How will the studies be organized?

I grew up as a kid with reputation, and the idea is to be in the same spirit. To make a career, you need keys. Success is not an easy thing, it’s even the most difficult… except when you’re armed. There will be masterclasses for streamers at Sacem, lawyers to learn how to read contracts, writing and composition workshops with publishers. They will also learn to speak with a sound engineer, law lessons to learn about the French cultural exception. For singing, it won’t be 40 lessons, but individual lessons. There is also an obligation to take courses in English. We are going to organize workshops with composers with whom our artists will be immersed for a week, and will learn to tell their stories.

And every three months, there will be concerts, with well-known guest artists. The cost of education is high [16.000 euros] but we have set up a partnership with Crédit Mutuel with an advantageous loan so that money is not an obstacle. If a candidate has the money but not the talent, we will not take it. The goal for us is not to earn money but the transmission, to allow to have the weapons to live from the music.

Why did you set up this school in Aix-en-Provence?

It’s not because I live there. I want the artists to come in immersion, to settle in an area and to be together all the time. This school is 850 hours of lessons in one year. You really have to be in it. We also needed a place for our work, and we also have a partner, Voyage Privé, who followed us and set up a 1,500 m² campus. Finally, I managed Virgin Radio and I saw during this period that there was an extremely rich electro, rock and urban scene in the region of Aix and Marseille.

This month marks the 34th anniversary of Dalida’s death. Why did you name your school after him?

I thought about that from the start. Basically, I thought to give his name to the first promotion. But Orlando gave me permission for the school to bear his name. For me, she had the perfect career. She left no room for chance. She knew how to speak scenography. She had extraordinary texts. She is still an inspiration to young people today, including urban music artists like Soolking. Jul also quotes Dalida. HAS The Voice, it is for example the most requested artist. She is a timeless artist. It is also a voice with extraordinary power, which was anything but variety. And she is finally a daughter of Italian immigrants born in Cairo, Egypt. It gives hope to a lot of people.

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The Dalida Institute, a “Fame” version of the school in Aix-en-Provence

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