The credits of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hide 12 secrets

The studio that developed the credits for rings of power for Prime Video gives some explanation to understand it. It also gives us enough to develop exciting theories about the symbols hidden there.

Already three episodes have been broadcast for The Rings of Powerthe prequel to Lord of the Rings as adventurous as it is contemplative on Prime Video. Among the highlights of the series, there is clearly the credits. From the start, fans were convinced: there is a hidden meaning. It’s not just… moving sand. The theories were many and, among them, the primordial song of the world, Ainulindalehence the universe of Lord of the Rings emerged.

As the pop culture youtuber spotted Captain Popcorn this September 12, the studio having produced the credits of rings of power — Plains of Yonder, to whom we owe the Westworld Where The White Lotus – has published an explanatory article. And this fully confirms the theory involving this reference to Ainulindale.

What does the credits of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power mean?

We have sought to depict a universe that is both primordial and timeless. By inspiring us with Ainur of JRR Tolkien, immortal angelic beings who sing music so beautiful that the world is created from their sound, we imagined a generic sequence ‘built from the world of sound’ “, writes the studio. This involved cymatics: the visualization of acoustic waves. The patterns that appear reflect this.

The sequence evokes an ancient, invisible power, struggling to be seen. Symbols form, flow, push and disappear as quickly as they appeared. Unknown realms of sound create fleeting visions of conflict and harmony that evolve to the beat of the Howard Shore title score “. The composer had already worked on the music for the two Peter Jackson trilogies.

The credits music is by Howard Shore. // Source: Prime Video

You have to find the symbols

But the studio makes an additional revelation: there are a dozen ” hidden symbols in this credits. They reveal the themes and script elements of the series. ” Some are hidden in plain sight, others are much more subtle. »

The article does not mention at any time what these secrets are, nor does it give the slightest clue to satisfy our curiosity. It is therefore necessary to observe the credits carefully. The studio points out that most of the symbols make sense as the story progresses, which means that elements may become more obvious towards the end of the season (which includes, remember, 8 episodes).

If the soundtrack of rings of power is signed Bear McCrearyexcept opening music.

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The credits of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hide 12 secrets

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