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The young singer-performer has made a remarkable entry into the field of French song. Discover his journey…

Having grown up in Epervans, Alycia now lives in Chalon-sur-Saône. Educated at the Vivant Denon college in Saint-Marcel where she gave voice to the choir and experimented with the stage at the Marcel Sembat hall, she then took a CAP at the Émiland Gauthey high school, and at the same time, attended the Conservatoire du Grand Chalon for 1 year. Singing is second nature to Alycia, whose grandparents practiced this art themselves. As a teenager, the admiration shown to her idols, Mylène Farmer, Tokyo Hotel, Évanescence, Christina Aguilera or even Britney Spears, and their universes, made her take the plunge to also launch into song. At 22, she released her first single: ‘I want to be yours’.

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Alycia, what made you want to sing?

My idols have inspired me a lot. I always felt this need to sing and the desire to become a singer came to me around 12 years old. Later, I had the chance to do my first scene and I quickly knew where my place was.

How would you define your style?

My music is like my look. I’ve always liked the gothic side, with colorful touches, and very pronounced make-up… My musical style is pop rock, but I also like to put a little softness in it.

You are releasing your first single, tell us how this adventure took shape?

I was spotted on Youtube by Steeve VISSANT and Olivier ESTEPHAN from TENDANCES Music. They invited me to perform as the opening act for 90/2000 artist sets across France. I signed an artist contract under this label; they offered me several titles in the studio but when I heard ‘I want to be yours’, I immediately fell in love with this song, it was a great way to reveal myself as a artist for a first single. Then everything came together, I recorded the title in Lyon, and we shot the clip in Paris over two days. A great adventure that begins…

You met many artists, did they have a little encouraging word?

Since I was 16 I have met many artists from different worlds. In general, they always have a little word of encouragement and some gave me advice that I applied. In general, they are really adorable.

How did you experience this long Covid period when many artistic projects were put on hold?

It was a very long time. There were no more concerts and with my team, we were forced to put the release of the title on stand-bye… Beside that, I saw things differently, ‘I want to be to you’ took on incredible meaning. This song was for me a way to thank the public that has followed me since the beginning. It was as if to say to them: “Thank you for being there! I want to be with you. I want normal life to resume and find you on stage. »

In what state of mind are you today?

I tell myself that I was right to believe in my dreams and not to let go… This job, this passion makes me stronger every day.

What are your plans and wishes for the future?

My projects: it’s the recording of my first EP. Several concerts are planned for 2023, the launch of my official website and for my wishes: I want to continue to be happy, do this job for as long as possible and continue my ascent.

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SBR – Portrait photo credit: A. Girardon. Photo credits other visuals: TENDANCES Music / Ash doll. Visuals transmitted by Steeve Vissant for publication.

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The Chalonnaise Alycia Steel releases her 1st single ‘I want to be yours’ – All the free news in one click

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