The Baladins celebrate their 60th birthday on November 12 and 13 in Brives-Charensac – La Commère 43

Appointment for the 60th choir formation anniversary The Wanderers l12 and 13 November in Brives-Charensac.

Henri, Manu, Gérard, Michel, Marcel, Jo, Georges… and all the former Baladins meet for two evenings of concerts, November 12 at 8:30 p.m. and November 13 at 3 p.m., at the Maison pour tous de Brives-Charensac.

The public will be invited to share emotions with immortal songs; “We will see each other again one day to another” (of Charles Aznavour) they sang very often; no doubt they will be there

A bit of history…

We are in 1962. The traditional French song of variety is brought up to date; the orchestrations borrow electric resonances, the new variety song becomes rhythmic due to fashion. Groups emerge…

Gaston Demars was then president of the Amicale Saint Michel in Le Puy en Velay, which brought together different sections: gymnastics, brass band, theatre, basketball, etc.; “And if we completed our ensemble with a clique of singers, he suggested to Pierre Descours”.

Somewhat carefree, but in any case very enterprising, several friends, teenagers, do not hesitate to launch the challenge. Thus, Pierre Descours, Robert Erpelding, Yves Cartal, André Poncet, Michel Peyroche and Robert Sahuc, created the Baladins and, full of enthusiasm, were inspired by the Compagnons de la chanson.

A prestigious sponsor

For 8 years, this band of happy fellows gave concerts, participated in festivities and other local fairs.

Military service and professional obligations punctuate the life of the group with new arrivals; Thus are integrated, Claude Malouet, Alain Joubert, Jean Louis Descours Gérard Graille, Guy Fourcaud, Pierre Perre, Guy Coat.

The fact remains that the success is there; the Baladins are the local darling! Then, Lenny Escudéro will become their godfather. Harold Kay, star presenter of Europe 1 solicits them just like Bruno Coquatrix. However, the constraints of each other do not allow the big leap!

A recovery after a short sleep

The adventure is dormant, but the friendship remains. It was in 1999, during a reunion evening, that the group took on an air of melancholy; “How about we do it again? »

A few rehearsals, under the direction of Guy Fourcaud and Alain Temey, and here are the Baladins on stage with Pierre and Jean Louis Descours, Robert Erpelding, Alain Joubert, Yves Cartal, André Poncet, Manu Terrasson. French songs with lyrics, covers and arrangements by Guy Fourcault, compositions by Pierre Descours and Claude Malouet, the repertoire becomes a harmonious musical blend. It is at the cultural center of Vals near Le Puy that the return concert of the Baladins takes place, which enchants more than 800 people.

The passing years, fate, illness hit the group hard. The Baladins spirit is still present, the common thread must continue.

2012: a new sequence

In 2012, under the musical baton of Henri Esquis, the Baladins continue the adventure and hit the road again; the concerts follow one another in and outside the department, in the Rhône Alpes, in the South of France.

Locally, the concerts at the Cultural Center of Vals, at the theatre, at the Maison pour tous de Brives-Charensac, at the multipurpose hall of Aiguilhe and St Germain Laprade are always meetings of faithful friends.

Sharing and joy in songs

Today, like yesterday, without taking themselves seriously, the group perpetuates the story and gives the full measure of a keen sense of the stage, playing on harmonies, colors, movements, a background of improvisation, songs from the 60s. It’s always sharing with the public and joy in songs

“Come on, take the step, it’s so beautiful the world”, they sing. Thus, nearly 150 concerts are given before the pandemic considerably slows down all musical activities.


The sale of tickets for each of the two concerts is open in three different places:

– House for all in Brives-Charensac; telephone 04 71 02 45 69

– Reception of the Auchan store in Brives-Charensac

– Puy-en-Velay tourist office; tel 04 71 09 38 41

– On line :

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The Baladins celebrate their 60th birthday on November 12 and 13 in Brives-Charensac – La Commère 43

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