Terrible news for singer ZAZ! fans in tears.

Singer Zaz does not want to be vaccinated against covid-19. Zaz, however, has not become a symbol of the anti-vax campaignbecause she was very discreet, content to do tests and isolate herself when necessary.

But today, the sanitary measures are such that a simple test is not valid : the vaccine is obligatory. It is impossible for her to go against her convictions. So she had to cancel concerts planned in Canada.

Zaz announces the bad news

My dear Quebec cousins, I announce with great sadness that unfortunately I will not be able to come and honor my concerts scheduled for September due to health measures. still in effect in Canada. This is how the singer shared the news, before saying more about the measures.

I’m a person of integrity, I can’t be who I am and sing what I sing if I do the opposite of what my body, heart and soul feels. I made the choice not to get vaccinated. I have not taken a position until then because having contracted the Covid several times, I did not need to write to you and above all I felt that it was not the right time to express myself.

In addition, I managed to do all the dates since last March internationally by showing white paws (test repeat PCR and isolation). So even if she can’t go to Quebec, Zaz does not want to be vaccinated:

Today the question arises and I have no other solution than to tell you this. I can’t say yes when I feel like no. That would be making fun of who I am, don’t respect me.

It is very hard for me and we have made every effort to obtain permission to enter your countrywhich is so close to ours.

Zaz refuses to be vaccinated

It reminds us of the debates that made the headlines a few months ago, when the French were divided between pro-vaccines and anti vax. The former want to return to a normal life promised by the various vaccines against covid-19.

The latter do not prevent the sickness. But they considerably limit the risk to develop shapes serious illness. On the other hand, the antivax refuse to be injected into their body with a vaccine that they believe has been developed too quickly (but what is the right time to create a vaccine?).

At the time, Zaz had not taken sides. Many stars encouraged people to get vaccinated. And some have been massively criticized for it. We think of Celine Dionwho campaigned for the vaccine before experiencing serious health problems.

It was enough for the anti-vaccines to establish a link between his problems and the vaccine. They accuse vaccines of causing side effects, sometimes serious.

The singer wants to stay true to her heart and her body.

Zaz returns with a new album entitled Isa, short for his first name, Isabella. This choice of title has not been made randomlyas she revealed in West France.

I had lost my identity. I didn’t want to be Zaz anymore because Zaz was taking up all the space, but who was I without Zaz? It is important for her, in her career as in her personal life, to listen to herself. That’s why she prefers to calm journalists who ask him about the possible project of a musical in Las Vegas.


Film producer Thomas Langmann (The Artist) wants to edit a show on the life of singer Edith Piaf by 2025.

Langmann loses his temper, that’s normal. I did some testing. The idea is interesting. After. We said we would and then it’s not the right time for me. He won’t give up.

It’s true that Piaf’s story is quite fascinating. It’s strange but we have many things in common, places, events, character traits. I can’t say yet.

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Terrible news for singer ZAZ! fans in tears.

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