Stray Kids Impress Korean Netizens With “Maxident” Achievements

The new mini album Stray Kids’ ‘Maxident’ recorded 2.37 million pre-orders and 1.3 million first-day sales.

The album’s title is a combination of the words “Maximum” and “Incident” and contains eight songs; “Case 143”, “Chill”, “Give Me Your TMI”, “Super Board”, “3Racha”, “Taste”, “Can’t Stop” and “Circus”.

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The 3RACHA team (Bangchan, Changbin and Han) participated in the production of the title track “Case 143”. 3RACHA is known for their songwriting skills and has already produced “District 9”, “Maniac”, “어린 날개”, “불면증” and more.

Stray Kids Impress Korean Netizens With'Maxident' 42 Achievements

The number of pre-orders and sales of “Maxident” on the first day of its release has become a hot topic in popular Korean online communities.

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Stray Kids Impress Korean Netizens With “Maxident” Achievements

On several communities, netizens wrote:

  • They don’t have any hit songs… But they sell so much like this… Physical album sales are crazy these days
  • Wow they sell wellㅋㅋ
  • I heard they have a lot of foreign fans
  • Wow.. What’s more amazing is that they wrote all the songs
  • They sold over 1.3 million on the first day of the first week… Phew
  • Hyunjin and Felix have a lot of fans in China, so there’s a lot of competition, that’s why their album sales are high.
  • To the s*l*pes who despise Stray Kids, do you see that??????
  • I see Stray Kids getting more and more popular
  • The Stray Kids sing and dance well, but above all, I love them because they sing well live
  • school violence
  • Guys, they exploded overseas, so why do you keep talking about Korean charts? They ranked #1 on the Billboard 200 and have over 10 million YouTube subscribers, so it’s true that their popularity has skyrocketed. Of course, they exploded overseas.
  • I’m a fan of TXT but I admit it. I was surprised when I saw their views on YouTube without ads this time
  • I guess album sales come from China
  • I’m so proud of Stray Kids
  • Honestly, looking at their overseas results these days, I know Stray Kids will do well ㅋ ㅋ I’m also curious to know more about their comeback
  • Guys, I think they’re gonna hit the Billboard Hot 100 this time.
  • Stray Kids is getting bigger and bigger
  • They are already popular overseas, but it looks like they are even more popular in China. Well ~ Congratulations!
  • Stray Kids will accomplish even more in the future
  • I hope this album will be a great success
  • Wow Stray Kids is amazing
  • So they’re not going to get rid of the violent type at school?
  • Best-kids, let’s go~~~🤍🤍🤍
  • Oh, they are so popular!
  • The J version and fansite figures aren’t even out yet. It’s seriously so scary
  • Their fandom is strong
  • But to be honest, when it comes to male idols, besides BTS, who else has over 10 million subscribers? Aside from their popularity in Korea or their popularity overseas, it’s true that Stray Kids is popularㅋㅋㅋ
  • I’m a fan of another band but I started listening to them since the last album. It was really great. Their other songs were all good
  • YP is really frustrating, can they already start selling version J or digital packs
  • But it really makes me realize boy bands all only have international fans
  • Stray Kids songs are all good~! congratulations congratulations
  • This is great with only 3 versions

Stray Kids Impress Korean Netizens With “Maxident” Achievements 1

On the occasion of the release of their 7th mini-album “Maxident”, Stray Kids showed their love and passion for music during a press conference.

Stray Kids Impress Korean Netizens With'Maxident' Achievements

Seungmin noted that “ our early enthusiasm for music has not been reduced despite the difficult times, on the contrary our love of music has grown more and more. »

On the other hand, the number of subscribers to the official STRAY KIDS YouTube channel has reached 10 million. This is the first of the 4th generation groups.

straykids records

On July 16, STRAY KIDS scored 171,000 albums in the United States in the first half of 2022 with their mini album “ ODDINARY released in March 2022. American business magazine Forbes commented: STRAY KIDS became the third K-pop artist to hit the ‘Billboard 200’ after BTS and SuperM, with their album released in March.

Maniac world tour

Stray Kids will begin their world tour “Stray Kids 2nd World Tour MANIACin 16 cities next month to once again expand its influence.


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Stray Kids Impress Korean Netizens With “Maxident” Achievements

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