Souchon, Sanson, Bigflo and Oli… Tryo’s XXL birthday party at the Accor Arena

The Tryo members had been waiting for this moment since March 2020. The day before the first confinement. After no less than five postponements, the celebration of their 25 years has turned into a 27th anniversary. But their fans were faithful to the meeting this Friday evening at the Accor Arena. They were well 18,000 to fill the room around a square and open scene, installed at the end of the pit.

“Dancing is tonight!” All the public will be the witness of history and we will see tomorrow. It didn’t take long for the trio to actually get the already excited fans dancing. Five minutes and the singers Christophe Mali and Guizmo had already climbed into the stands behind the stage, surrounded by jubilant spectators. Twenty minutes and they wished them a happy birthday. “Imagine the absurdity of the situation, laughs Mali on stage. Some of you have been in your place for three years. We wanted to thank you. Now we have 27 years of career and you have kept your tickets in your drawers. And we our guests in our drawers. »

They are numerous ! Claudio Capeo, the first, on “Serre moi”, the Stéphanois Dub Inc on the song against homophobia “Brian Williamson”, named after a homosexual activist murdered in Kingston, Jamaica. While Christophe Mali waves the rainbow flag symbol of the LGBT community above the stage, the reggae duo takes advantage of their first Bercy to garner new fans. “Bring Gawain a drink.” With the said Gauvain Sers, they cover a part of “La misery d’en face” which they sang with Renaud on their anniversary album – which is absent this evening – and “Not the same”.

First Bercy also for Souchon

Before leaving, the latter apostrophes them: “What you are doing is quite scandalous, you had to celebrate your birthday with Manu…” Whistles in the room. But Manu, original guitarist of the band who left a year ago, is not far away. He appears in the stands and hearing the clamor that accompanies his appearance, fans miss him. The musician goes down playing among the spectators and joins his friends on a small stage at the other end of the pit for an acoustic part. Tells him of his joy at being there and at having been “part of a group that cultivates love, living together and hope”.

Together, they return to their roots, to the MJC in Fresnes in 1995, and to their first titles. They invite their friends from La Rue Ketanou for an ultra-festive version of one of their flagship songs “Les hommes que j’aime”. They pay homage to the one who made them want to write songs, Alain Souchon, by inviting him and his son Pierre to sing “L’amour à la machine” in reggae mode and the beautiful “2050 – 2100”. Alain Souchon is in great shape… for his first Bercy. Véronique Sanson, their “big sister”, their “little queen” too. She joins them for “Ladilafé”, a tribute song to Patricia Bonnetaud, their first good fairy and manager who died in 2012.

Since then, Tryo has come a long way and brings together many families of song and reggae, from the LEJ trio to Sinsemilia who wish them “all the happiness in the world”, from MC Solaar, present to resume with them “Victim of fashion”. , to Sylvain Duthu from Boulevard des Airs, from Benabar to Bigflo and Oli. “I just realized that Tryo is older than me”, Oli room. “If it happens you were conceived on one of our songs”, replies Christophe Mali. Friendly dialogue that sums up the spirit of this family and festive evening.

The cast is impressive, the communion with the fans too. The party stretches over thirty titles and three hours twenty, with a “anthem of our campaigns” become the anthem of a group and its fans, and the aptly named “I found friends” in an Accor Arena where display their souvenir photos, as in a birthday. “I hope you had a good evening Roselyne, thank you for this moment, quips Christophe Mali, the day of the departure of Roselyne Bachelot. You left as you arrived, seemingly nothing. The Ministers of Culture come and go, Tryo stays.

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Souchon, Sanson, Bigflo and Oli… Tryo’s XXL birthday party at the Accor Arena

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