Sonia Mabrouk bursts into tears in front of her guest (video)

VIDEO – Sonia Mabrouk upset: she bursts into tears in front of her guest

This Tuesday, October 4, Sonia Mabrouk received Bruno Retailleau on the airwaves of Europe 1. At the end of the interview and when she offered her guest of the day to listen to a song that has become symbolic in Iran, the journalist could not contain his emotion.
It’s a cover that went viral in a very short time on the web. In a video relayed by an Internet user named Gandom, on September 23, a young woman took up the song Bella Cio, brought up to date after the broadcast of the series La casa de papel, which she chose to perform in Persian. Since its publication on Twitter, the video in question has been viewed more than three million times and caused a lot of reactions. This Tuesday, October 4, when she received Bruno Retailleau in the morning of Europe 1, Sonia Mabrouk wished to conclude her political interview with this recovery which apparently upset her. “Exceptionally, Bruno Retailleau, I would like to end the interview with a song”, she said in the preamble.
“It’s not just any song and the one who sings it is an Iranian, who, like so many others, is carrying this challenge with incredible courage against the regime. We listen… “, said the journalist from Europe 1, before the said song resonated in the studio. From the first notes, the one who shares the life of Guy Savoy appeared very moved, blinking several times, before letting a few tears flow down her face. At the end of this musical interlude, Sonia Mabrouk tried to come to her senses: “I think everything is said, thank you Bruno Retailleau. “And the president of the Republicans in the Senate to add:” Everything is said. Like the tear that flows from your eyes Sonia Mabrouk. »

A song turned into a cry of anger

If this cover of Bella Cio by a young Iranian woman made the rounds of social networks, it also had an impact beyond borders. In France, Farid Vahid, who is none other than the director of the Observatory for North Africa and the Middle East at the Jean Jaurès Foundation, was quick to react to this interpretation, which is as powerful as it is overwhelming: ” Absolutely stunning ! Bella ciao sung by an Iranian in Persian. These women are impressive… Long live freedom”, he wrote in a message posted on Twitter on September 24. As a reminder, this hymn to freedom resurfaced after the death of Masha Amini, a young Iranian woman arrested by the morality police, last September 13 in Tehran, for having incorrectly adjusted her veil while she was in the street. . Since her death, thousands of Iranian men and women have demonstrated against the veil and the regime.

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Sonia Mabrouk bursts into tears in front of her guest (video)

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