Serge Gainsbourg: His daughter Charlotte, talks about what her dad asked her to do in spite of herself… –

How can we forget the complicity that bound Serge Gainsbourg to his child? Today, she tells us about her daily life…not so rosy!

The complicity between Serge Gainsbourg and Charlotte called into question!

After Serge Gainsbourg, we broke the mould. This virtuoso didn’t care what anyone would say. There are countless appearances on television where he created controversy. In fact, it felt like the bigger it was, the more it did! However, by reading the texts of his songs or those written for others, we realize that the man had genius. Alas, the hell of drink or nicotine had many times the last word on his relationship with his lovers or even with his own daughter Charlotte.

A man of a thousand facets

Piano melody, vocal signature, charisma, Serge Gainsbourg knew how to do absolutely everything. He was always where we least expected him, even if it meant chock the well-being of the time. Moreover, behind the scenes, it seems to amuse him to tickle the chaste ears of certain narrow minds. However, the least we can say is that he does not trust him. Complexed by his physique, he will then focus all his love on his daughter Charlotte.

Moreover, those who are lucky enough to know him admit that Serge Gainsbourg was different when the cameras went out. Touched by the beauty and shyness of his daughter Charlotte, he will then try to show her the way. Unfortunately, she quickly realizes all her excesses and her silence in the event of an existential crisis. Perhaps growing up a little too quickly than other women her age, she will try to protect from his demons without really succeeding. Far from being bitter about this part of her adolescence, she believes that she learned a lot from this gifted artist.

Forever, a woman-child!

Having become her father’s guardian angel, she watches over him like milk on fire. In many interviews, she returns to these difficult times when she had to compete in ingenuity so that it does not sink even further. It is not for nothing that today she finds it difficult to show the strength of her feelings to her dear and tender Yvan Attal. A couple for years, they have a special bond unlike any other. It can be seen in the films he directs and where she is headlining. In your opinion, would he get on well with the great Serge Gainsbourg? After all, they meet when the latter has just died in the tragic conditions that we know. With her, he confides to our Gala colleagues that ” nothing is won…everything is fragile. Doesn’t that remind us of anything?

Dear reader ofObjeko hashave you seen Charlotte For Ever ? If this is not the case, we advise you to do so urgently. Today, we know that this is the most beautiful declaration of love from a father to his daughter. However, the shooting was not always easy to manage. He demanded the best from her while putting himself at risk with substances prohibited. She had to do what he said, not what he did. A real headache to have to juggle between the pressure of never disappointing him and the fact of taking care of him constantly.

Serge Gainsbourg loved them…and they paid them back!

As for the public, it is difficult to get used to this complicity at the limit of decency. In the clip lemon incest, Charlotte’s sweet voice and Serge Gainsbourg’s behavior are controversial. At the time of the facts, some may have thought that the father of the family had a borderline attitude. It was only from love to his eyes. Not sure with movement #Metoo things would have happened like that today!

And you then, what do you want to remember from him? With hindsight, how to decipher this fusional relationship? For fans, time has stood still since that night in March 1991. It’s not for nothing that André Manoukian has just released an album of jazzy covers of his songs. By asking the older ones to participate in this project, he is paying her the most beautiful of tributes. Objeko love it and tell you about it here !

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Serge Gainsbourg: His daughter Charlotte, talks about what her dad asked her to do in spite of herself… –

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