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Léo took the plunge: at the age of 24, he created his business, his shop, his Homemade Studio to pass on his knowledge to others in a personalized and original approach!

HomeMade Studio, music within everyone’s reach!

Why ?

Leo created HomeMade Studio to fill a gap he felt during his musical learning, not having gone through a conservatory or a music school.

Despite everything, he wanted to make a living from his passion… so he created tools to answer a whole host of questions that every musician may face at one time or another: thus was born HomeMade Studio, for all enthusiasts, so that ‘they are daring and not afraid of feeling out of place or illegitimate.

(Indeed, there is no noble route to becoming a musician. The routes are as varied and numerous as the paths that lead to Rome!)

For who ? How ?

Leo is aimed at all people wishing to advance in the field of music, in sectors according to different types of activities:

→ Classic studioproduction, master, we finalize…

It can also respond to orders from businesses, chain stores, etc. »

→ Learning part:

For my part, I learned alone, following a particular path, not a classic pattern.

My objective is to act in a concrete way and to make musical things accessible. My activity is organized in two branches:

*one game free : on a subject on insta, Tik Tok, Youtube

Explanations on a specific area, answers to questions, …

For example: the reverb? The great history of decibels!, parallel processing, analog/digital conversion, …

*and a further domain : Academy

With more than 34 hours of training, 54 videos, recap sheets and a VIP group, this training will allow you to know everything you need to compose, produce and distribute your music.

Paid training in 4 themes:

-master DAW software like a pro

– master the composition: basic instruments, harmonies, … So that there is no longer any barrier between your imagination and your productions!

-mixing, mastering, …: so that mixing and mastering have no more secrets for you!

-distribution: to know everything about labels, streaming platforms and artist contracts.

It is possible to take the modules independently or in full.

The next step will be the creation of a real recording studio!

Who are you, Leo Candiotto?

“I have been a musician for over 10 years and I trained as a sound engineer”.

Indeed, originally from Saint-Vallier (71), Léo Candiotto started music when he was in 5th grade in college. He is part of the “Blue Night” group, managed by Quentin and Thibault at the FJEP des Bois Francs.

From then on, he participated in several musical experiences in various fields. It has its place in the training of home musicians. (, to the batucada “Les Zakoustreets”, …

Then, he joined the Chapakuais group for 3 years before landing in the universe of the TEKPAF group for 4 years.

“During confinement, I made a solo Electro EP and an album with my friends during the summer of 2020: “Summer with friends”: each brought me a text on which I pasted my music according to my feelings. .

And for a year and a half, I created my company “Homemade Studio”, in Lyon, at home.

Do not hesitate, go and visit the different links and contact me for more information, information and to study all the possibilities”.

Website :

Tiktok: @home.made_studio

JL Pradines

Saint Vallier Leo Candiotto Montceau News

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Saint-Vallier: Leo Candiotto – Montceau News

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